Another day..  

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3/2/2006 10:03 pm

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Another day..

So it seriously is a challenge to meet people on this site, you would figure being on a place of people looking for sex that offers would over flow, why not? Might as well see what the path leads to, no danger done in trying.
So my fantastic idea I had while ponderin the above information was simply this, a bar. Wouldn't it be neat if in each state there was a location where members can go to and socialize in person with other members? Not like it would be a prostitution house, because we'd all be consenting adults. Also this location would afford the chance to avoid inconvenient meetings. I think most people have a worry about who they might be seeing, they fuel themselves with so many fantasies and get horny, that they no longer give a fuck. But still for those who are not gifted enough to hand over their mind to their sexuality, this would be a good neutral site. Also you could meet other members you might not think interesting on the site. Seriously how good can words be, we all have had a contact then decided the profile doesn't fit the person. Those who have those voyeuristic fetishes could surely display their parts to the members. Discreet married people can go out like they are traveling to a bar.
I would not intend this place to be open day in and day out, because then it would get a reputation, instead I would suggest that members would get a date and time of when it would just be for the purpose of AdultFriendFinder. I wouldm't even care to go to the lengths that it has to be a bar, maybe a rich person's mansion. Any takers? Once again a great idea that will surely never come to fruition. I promise you this boys and girls, if I ever get a mansion, I will be the first to throw a masquerade orgy, much like Eyes Wide Shut.~JB

warmandsexy52 64M
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3/3/2006 11:49 pm

There are bloggers conventions where bloggers get together from time to time.

Good luck with making your fortune.

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