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12/29/2005 7:41 pm

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Fantasy for the day

Ok bare with me here just a thumbnail sketch of a fantasy that struck me today.

I have a definate thing for short sexy skirts and belly button rings, and I saw this chick at the mall that had those things, and I havn't seen much skin in public since the end of the summer, so it created an instant fantasy in my mind.

She would be a complete stranger that I came across in the mall and made a comment about her skirt. After a little conversation I decide to shoot the moon and ask her if she wants to go pick out a sexy thong and bra and model them for me. My rule is I'll buy anything as long as I get to have it modeled for me.

After helping pick out the "outfit" we head to a nearby hotel for a little modeling session. I tell her to go put the stuff i just bought her on and get dressed and come strip it off for me.

I get my camera ready while she changes and take pictures of everything as she seductively strips out of the skirt and tight top and I finally get to see her in what I bought her.

I tell her how natural she is in front of the camera and then we take things to the next level. I start kissing every inch of flesh that is bare and soon start looking for more to bare so I can explore it with my mouth and tongue. Before you know it I'm sucking and licking her tits and fingering her on my way to having her totally naked and going down on her.

I go over to the mini bar and get a bottle of tequilla and open it and pour it all over her body and lick it off as it runs down her.

Soon I finally position myself and enter the holy grail and we proceed through a lot of different positions and angles......

I'm not going to write the rest because who knows it could happen and I don't want to have it all planned out.

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