a whisper that my NEw LoveR dared  

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a whisper that my NEw LoveR dared

The film ends and the lights come up, and you realize we are sitting behind you.

Now what?...............

…….As the film played, I had begun to feel the anxiety creep up my spine. As I watched Jodi being tied up and devoured by a complete stranger, I felt a loss of control. The power to create feeling in my long life friend was not something I had witnessed to such a level.
I wondered how Jodi was taken. If she was seduced with a smile, or if she felt threatened. I wondered if she eagerly accepted the dare that I so often present to her. I fell the twinge of jealousy as I realize that this beautiful stranger has succeeded when I have always failed.
My hardening dick is testament to the complete naughtiness the woman portray on the video screen. The way the stranger fucks Jodi with the array of toys…is fascinating. The sounds that I have never heard of.. echo in my head. The screams of Jodi… scrape my bones. I know its pleasure…. I know she is getting off like never before.

But the rage begins deep.

The questioning of all that I have allowed…begins to boil within me.

How dare this ‘WOMAN’ take away what I wanted to be such a part of.

How fucking dare this ‘ strange fucking bitch…… make my wife cum with such intensity…that my dick is ready to explode. And being turned on…is the LAST thing on my mind.

As the video stops.. and I sense the girls behind me. I turn. The heat of my anger is rock hard in my stance.

Jodi drops her eyes before I can even look at her. She knows… this may not be pretty. She has no idea what will happen. Her long history of guilt makes her regret …… … even while her orgasms are fresh from there trembling effect.

The beautiful dark eyed princess has a gloating smile. She thinks she did a GOOD thing.

My intensity and power shout thru my whisper.

“How fucking Dare you?” I say… with a dead pan face. My voice just audible over the machine hums and the air circulator.

Your eyes hold a bit of confusion, but having no regrets, you simply stare at me with wonder.

“ I said… HOW FUCKING DARE YOU?” this time.. .my voice very demanding. Although I do not take a step toward you, it seems that I am closer.

Your not sure why, or for what reason. So you decide to try a playful response.
“Oh yeah baby, I fucked her.” You say, once again bring back a stunning smile. A smile that to almost anyone, would change any anger into smiles. You try to offer the playful tease of a smile, in the hopes that this ASS hole will change his attitude.

“Who, fucking gave you permission?” I say with clenched teeth. My brow knotting in defense to your stunning smile. My darkness stamps your bright smile off your face.

“what?” you say. The sudden break in your voice alerts Jodi, she looks strait into MY eyes, not breaking contact with me. You see her complete attention is given to her master.

“ I will ask you once more. WHO GAVE YOU PERMISSION TO FUCK HER?” As I begin talking, my voice is silky smooth. By the time I say ‘her’… my voice carries the question strait to your soul. You back step without realizing it. The instant bead of sweat on your forehead makes you feel the breeze. It is almost as If my question pushed you backwards.

With a sudden dry mouth, you are about to respond that Jodi said yes.

You even look to her to see if she will help you. Your wonderment to this kind of response…is freaking you out. You cant figure out why I am so mad. As you notice that Jodi has not moved once since I turned around, and you notice that she has not even broke eye contact with me.

It is then, that you feel a bit overwhelmed. Not ‘scared’ perhaps, but the sudden feeling that this is not how you planed it, seems to cause hesitation to the unexpected. You WANT this to turn out right. …


There is only so far you will be pushed. You recall that this ‘boy’ from America contacted you first. Perhaps you miss judged him.

With a coy smile, but a honest answer you reply.
“I guess that I gave my self permission to fuck her. She seemed willing, she didn’t fight ‘to hard’. You say. Again with the idea that you can play off polite and light hearted. You figure that if you play ‘cute’ and honest, you can get out of anything.

my silence and non blinking stare hold you for a few minutes.

Your smile becomes heavy.

You begin to wonder if you should just walk out. “fuck this game show” you think to yourself.

I continue to stare with questioning eyes. Not smiling, not glaring, not judging……. Just waiting. I just watch you.

YOU KNOW--- that I expect more of a response.

YOU KNOW----that what you say…will effect what happens.

You look again in my eyes. Trying to make sense of the anger.

“would you feel better if you knew that she WANTED to be fucked?” You ask me. As you point to Jodi. Who continues to look at my face.

As my jaw clenches in quiet frustration, I look you in the eyes and say.
“Elizabeth, Jodi wants to fuck all the time. I must keep her under control. You have no idea what you just did.” The sound in my voice is almost sympathetic.

“But, . . .” you start to say, eager to make this all change. Damn it, you just wanted me to get turned on. TO ENJOY IT. To enjoy..to enjoy.. keeps repeating silently in your head.

The wave of my hand holds your tongue. The shake of my head, deflates your eager mood. You almost feel the weight of depression as you realize that you fucked up.

Yes, you wanted me to enjoy it. You had only wanted to show me that you could make Jodi cum. And you did. You can still feel how wet you are. Even watching the movie you stared in. You got excited.

You liked fucking Jodi. And you liked her attention on you. You had no idea at the time, but watching the movie, you see that you fucked Jodi like I never could. You saw my jealousy. You saw my feeling of insecurity. You saw the slip in armor. And the thought of winning brings a very tiny uplift smirk to your face.

Miss reading your facial expression.

My pulse shoots out the roof.

With clenched teeth, I say to you “ you have the audacity to smile?”

For just a second, you feel the fear. You see how big I am. You see that to physically harm me… you would have to go for the kill. The scared feeling quickly passes as you actually ‘look’ at me. You see in my eyes…a reflection. You see.. just for a second…. Respect.

And that settles your soul in comfort.

With a brave front, you puff your chest and respond to me.

“Yes I smile. For I liked it. I fucked her and I liked it. What the fuck are you going to do about it … old man.” The tone of your voice is strong and confidant. The smile is fully exposed. You know that few people can hold up to ‘THE smile’. You have been perfecting it for years. This chump should be no problem..you think.

What you think you saw in my eyes is gone as I stand and approach you.

I pause next to Jodi and brush the back of my hand against her ear. The simple touch brings a moan from her lips. Her intake of breath, lifts her breasts. Squeezing them together. She closes her eyes, but does not move.

I step past her to stand in front of you.

“give me your panties’ I order you. not asking. Not even suggesting. It is a direct order and given with the understanding that it will be obeyed.

You look at me. Wondering what my ‘trip’ is. You wonder… but you see the intensity in me. You can feel the energy around you raise your hair on your arms.

Without saying anything, you pull them down. Not once breaking eye contact with me. You can hear Jodi begin to breath faster. You can tell that even with her eyes closed, she can tell that you have chosen to follow my order. You can tell that her excitement is beginning again. You recognize the high pitch whine she utters, almost like a sick puppy that receives a pat on the head for being good.

My straight face never changes temperature as you ball your panties in your right hand and hold it out. Offering them to me.

“open them up. Let me see the little cotton strip” I say. Again, not asking. The tone has taken on a ‘bored’ expression.

You almost sigh as you open your black silk panties. Using two hands, you turn them inside out and show me the absorbent strip, fully wet and shiny with the florescent lights of the abandoned building.

You look to your panties. With the fond memory of Jodi and you licking each other…and then the re-watching of it on video. has completely covered the crotch with your cum.

“ ball them up so the cotton strip is on the outside.’ I instruct you.

“ and Don’t wipe off that big gob of cum” I shout. “ don’t touch that cotton. Yes, ball it up. Yes, tight ball.” I say. Nodding yes when you have it the tight golf ball that I want.

“I want you to put those panties in YOUR mouth. But leave the cotton outside of your lips.” I tell you. Crossing my arms across my chest.

You look to me once more with defiance. You question ‘what the fuck ?’ once more.

You smile a fuck you smile at me as you shove your own panties in your mouth. And just to show off, you take a big intake of breath thru your mouth.

The result somewhat shocks you. you have licked your pussy traced fingers before. And you even liked eating the woman hood of Jodi.
But never before had you taken a big inhale of pussy scented air.

Even the naughtiness can not stop the rush that flows through your body. From your inhale, you can taste your excitement. You can recall the feeling of Jodi beneath you from just inhaling your cum. You can smell her perfume on your panties. You can tell that NOT all the cum is yours.

You take your panties out of your mouth and say.
“ this is fun, I can taste Jodi’s cum on my pussy.” Your smile is once again huge and free of anything but being turned on.

“DON’T FUCKING TAKE THEM OUT OF YOUR MOUTH AGAIN!!!” I shout. This time grabbing them from you and quickly shoving them back into your mouth. The force of my approach sets you back down in the chair.

The quickness of my strength knocks you backwards, sending you and the chair tumbling. With the same movement I used to shove your panties in your mouth, I scoop your neck as you fall backwards. Catching your head before it hits the hard floor.

Sudden panic and then instant relief cross my face. Then once again the hard angry eyes come back into focus.

In a sudden flash of knowledge, you know that you are safe. You know that I may ‘look’ tough, but I was scared to hurt you. In that one flash of a second, you saw my concern and my love for you. In that one second, you accept and let go.

The smile is backward because of the tiny patch of silk in your mouth. But I see the smile reach your eyes. I see that I just got busted. I see that you now…’know’. That I am playing.

With a wink, and a quick kiss to your nose. . . . .

I say to you.

“ Get up now Bitch” …offering my hand to you in a romantic Knightly way.

‘mmsuffums…” you say around your panties.

“Shush”… I say. Rather harsh. Watching Jodi twitch to the power in my voice. Her eyes still closed. She is still on her knees. She waits.

“you are going to pay for taking my wife without my permission” I tell you. taking you by the hand and leading you in front of Jodi.

Your mouth is starting to get dry. The silk absorbs your saliva, but will not allow you to swallow proper. The drool is beginning to form. You try and slurp or suck up your nasty spit. But no use.

As you stand in front of Jodi, you look down at her face. The smooth skin is alabaster white against her curly chestnut hair. Her cheek bones are firm and delicate and hold the dimple of her soft smile. You can see the lights reflect off her shiny nose. You remember her grinding that little nose on your hard clit. You remember how loud she came in your mouth as you fucked her with the slim dildo. You let out a muffled moan in remembering her riding on top of you. with the fake dick deep inside her.

She hears your moan…and leans forward. Not opening her eyes, she moans in question as she sticks out her tongue. You take a tiny step closer, so she can breath in your wet pussy scent.

“Turn around” I order you.

Jodi quickly pulling in her tongue. She sits back on her heels. She is in wait mode.

With your ass turned to her face, I tell you to lean forward and spread your legs. As you follow my instructions, I step behind you and over JODI.

I rub my hands across your shoulders. The light suit jacket you are wearing is very professional and very sexy. I can feel the well made tailoring and the many fittings it took to get it perfect. I can tell that your body is tense, yet welcoming. You begin to feel uncomfortable, with the panties in your mouth, and your ass arched wide, you wish you could lean against the chair or something. But you know, that if you break character, that you will lose. AND YOU DON’T FUCKING LIKE OT LOOSE.

So straining yourself. You hold the position and allow me to disrobe you from behind. You wonder if Jodi is sucking my balls, you wonder if she is going to touch you. You wonder, but to not turn. You unbutton your jacket, and then your blouse, and then you even step out of your mini skirt. Completely naked now except the black silk in your mouth, you arch your ass to me as I rub my fingertips down your spine.

I hold your arms out to the side. Telling you without words to keep them up. My fingers trail the top of your arms while heading outwards, and then my fingers whisper across the bottom of your arms as I bring the return stroke closer to your body. AS my fingers touch the side of your breasts, your entire body breaks out in goose pimples.

As you feel my wet tongue in the small of your back, your body shivers beyond your control. I am so close to your body, that you want to feel my hardness. You want me to press my hard dick against your ass.

As you lean back, I step away. You feel the soft hair of Jodi between your thighs. Immediately you feel her tongue lick your tight ass ring.

“Oh..shit” you cry out. The wet tongue creating circles inside you.

you breath begins to pant. You are breathing hard thru your panties that are still between your teeth.

As Jodi sits up, and kneels on one knee. Her hands circle your hips and she slowly begins a rhythm, puling your tender ass to her face.

I step in front of you and look you in your eyes. You roll your eyes in rapture as Jodi unexpectedly hits your clit with her chin. You look into me once again as I hold my palms up to allow you balance.

Your grip is like that of a dying man. For with my help, you can now arch your back so Jodi can shove her tongue deep inside your pussy. She can now nibble on the clit. You begin to moan faster.

Still keeping eye contact, you and I begin to look into each other. You cant speak. You cant react to Jodi. All you can do is enjoy what is happening to your body.

As I look into you… I begin to softly kiss the outside of your panties. The kisses are light. And then build up pressure. Soon I am licking your cum from your mouth. Soon, I am licking in the exact same movements that Jodi is doing to your down below.

You cant tell who is coping who. For at the same time, I bite the black silk. Jodi bites your clit. At the same time I shove my face into your black wet cotton, Jodi pushes her face deep into your backside. With her nose touching your ass rim, and her chin hitting your clit. While her tongue shoves farther inside you. even as I take long licks UP your face, . .. Jodi takes Long Licks up your backside.

Your moaning is setting a pace with Jodi’s moaning. I can feel Jodi’s hands searching your skin. I can feel her rubbing you. I can feel her wishing to ease your body and make you enjoy it.

Knowing that I have not given Jodi permission, you understand that she is offering this to you…
for you…
because of you…

and I am forgotten in her mind.

All of a sudden. Many things happen at once.

Your sudden surprise turns to ecstasy as Jodi shoves two fingers into your well lubed ass hard and deep.

Your cry of surprise sends your panties flying out of your mouth.

The sudden deep kiss from me, sends electricity directly to Jodi’s tongue. Your orgasm is instantaneous. The energy ripples down your body as my tongue does to your mouth, what Jodi’s tongue is doing to your pussy.

Your knees no longer hold you upright as you collapse in my arms. As I allow you to drop to the floor. I catch Jodi’s eyes.

With her face covered in your cum, she grins to me and nods.

Still on her knees, Jodi crawls up next to you and kisses you.

“wow’ you say. With nothing else to express what just happened, you look in her eyes and know that she felt it. What ever it was… she felt it too.

As you both look up, you see my dick inches from your mouths. Together, you and her begin to suck my swollen dick. You each take turns licking and sucking. As you swallow my head and shaft, Jodi takes my swollen balls into her warm mouth. Each time your lips touch each other, you switch off. You licking my balls, and Jodi teasing the head of my dick. You both giggle to my grunts and groans. You can feel me becoming larger. The blood causing my dick to swell and tingle with the need to release. As Jodi teases my ass with her finger, I quickly pull my dick out of reach from you both. With a stroke too late.. you feel the single squirt of cum shoot down your throat.

“ no NO NO.. I say in a high voice”.. trying to pull back control, I turn to you and say.

“ Liz-, I want you to lick Jodi. I want you to make her cum. JUST like you did on the video.” My demanding voice is almost a polite request. You don’t argue back, but your not feeling the intense power as before.

As Jodi lays in front of you, and opens her legs for you. she looks in your eyes and gives you a beautiful smile. As you near your face to her wet pussy, she curls her fingers into your hair. Pulling from both sides, she guides you to her shaved pussy lips. As you begin to offer her slow licks up each side, you soon feel my fingers on your back.

At first, you think I am standing above you. then as you feel my fingers trace Jodi’s legs and then your shoulders you realize that I am kneeling behind you.

With intensity that you can feel my hunger for you…

You feel my hard dick slap against your ass cheeks. As Jodi pulls your hair into her… I begin to pull your hips into me.

You try to focus on Jodi..at the same time you try to line my dick up with your swollen pussy. You moan as the head of my dick almost slides into you.

Like Picasso, I take my dick and paint your bum. I tease your clit with my slick head.

I tease your butt hole with my pre-cum dick head. Almost allowing you to have my dick in your ass.

In my final tease to you… I slip my head into your pussy. I feel your Kigali muscles grab me. I feel your ass clinch and spasm.

I hear Jodi cum in your mouth. I know that is the signal.

With out warning I grab your hips.

The soft tease of your pussy is gone.

The polite tickle to your ass ring is no more.

With a sudden thrust of my hips, I bury my thick dick in your ass.

The burning and sudden shock of being filled so deep inside you makes you scream. It is muffled my the wide wet lips of Jodi. She only pulls your hair harder as she fucks herself with your face.

Harder and harder I ram into you. Not Caring about the tears streaming down your face. Not caring if your breathing is in gasps of pussy juice filled oxygen.

As my balls slam into your clit, I feel you begin to release. I feel you stop fighting and I hear the change in your scream.

With a sudden hunger, you push back onto me hard.

With a flash of adrenaline, you begin to eat Jodi out with the starving methods of perfection.

You dip your tongue, shove it deep, lick up, and suck.

As you repeat this… one two three.. one two three.. your hips start to reflect your rhythm. And I soon match it.

One… my dick pushes deep in you.

Two… I flick my dick so it rides along your ‘G’ spot.

Three… I pull out the full extension of my dick. Allowing only the head to be grasped by your tight pussy.

Soon you and I create the motion of just ONE ‒ Two

Deep and out. Hard and slow. Fuck with heat,,,then pull away with delicacy. Soon your whole face is just hitting Jodi in the crotch. Soon my dick is on fire from your heat.

As Jodi screams in the sex filled room, she arches her back, pulls your hair as she grinds out her last orgasm. Her selfish desire, and her lack of paying attention, causes you to be held without a breath.

As you pull away from her..you push deep onto me. Causing my dick to hit something inside you that makes you jump. With no control, you mimic Jodi’s scream.

Cumming as you shoot forward, you slide off me. Your ass hole still wide and twitching. You collapse in the arms of Jodi. Your cum just dripping. Your pussy just aching because it has not been touched in the last ten minutes.

With your legs shaking, you just lay in Jodi’s arms and allow her to stroke your bangs. She kisses the side of your face and whispers..

“ that was amazing”

you begin to answer as you feel my tongue circle your tenderized pussy. As I begin the licks on the side of your clit, you reach down and feel my sweaty scalp. You can tell that I was pounding your ass hard. You can tell I am out of breath as I try and breathe thru my nose as I begin to eat you out.

As Jodi begins to play with your exposed nipple, you feel my tongue enter you. As you feel my sucking ability, Jodi gives your nipple a playful pinch.

The quiet orgasm that releases from inside is almost happy. Not just the feeling. And not just the ‘done ness’ of the feeling.

When you cum to my tongue, and the feeling of Jodi touching you… … … you seem to feel the LOVE that is offered. As you cum, you exhale
“thank you”

“Thank you.” I say.

“that is what I wanted to hear.” I tell you as I slide up your body.

Turning to Jodi, I kiss her deep. As she sucks your cum from my lips, I hear her moan again in orgasm. I can tell that she liked the feeling of that one. I can tell, that she will come no more…lol…

As I look to you and smile, you meet my eyes and smile back. I feel so full and energized. I feel so luck and appreciated. I feel loved.

You gasp as my thick dick enters your swollen pussy. As your pussy lips wrap around my dick, you raise your legs automatically. As you curl your spine so I enter you deeper, you kiss me.

It is not like the kiss from a wife of 20 years. It is not the kiss of a stranger. It is not the kiss of true love.

It is the kiss of forever.

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