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jazzering 49F
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7/29/2005 2:30 pm

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In A World

In a world as adverse as ours we still have people who feel as if they are the control center of our universe. Seems no matter where we are or what we are doing there is always someone such as this. Jealousy is also another factor in our every day lives. A story we tell--someone can top that or there is always someone that has done it and did it better. Why do we have to be better? Why not listen openly and respond without telling your story. Perfect example----I work a full time+ job (which means I work about 60 hours a week) for a company in which doesnt seem to care. Why do I do this???? Most of the time it is because I care about what I do and am dedicated to my work. I applied for a new and exciting job last week and was truthful with my boss. I recieved a call today from the potential employer saying I was qualified to move forward. I told my boss about this and instead of being somewhat happy for me he stated so what you are just a number and can be replaced just like that.. To me this is very unfortunate ....Him having such an attitude. I think in all actuality he was jealous that I have the courage and will power to move forward and in a direction that he will never be...I am sad for the people who can not be happy for others who are couragous........

here4itnowagain 55M  
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7/30/2005 4:51 am

though...good for you! Find your destiny....

9Simon9 66M
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7/30/2005 8:05 am

Like people, bosses aren't perfect; a lot are jerks.
Being you're an excellent worker, he was probably crushed to see you move on, and, because he appears to have poor communication skills (in addition to his poor people skills), he didn't know how to say, "Gee, that's great. We're gonna miss you here; you've done such a great job for us. Are you sure there anything we can do to make you stay?"
Best wishes for success in your new endeavor. Knock their socks off!!

jazzering 49F
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7/30/2005 1:59 pm

As always Thanks for the feedback-----I will as always move forward into a new and exciting direction following my heart and doing the VERY best I possibly can.

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