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9/15/2005 5:45 pm

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Okay... here goes nothing... what to talk about? not sure... so imma free write... there is this girl that lives upstairs from me in my condominium complex... beautiful!.. never said two words to her.. crazy huh?? You would think that i would get to know my neighbors... its funny how closed off everyone is. But its hard to me good people these days... everyone seems to have an agenda, everyones kinda selfish... i know that the peeps i got in my life are sooo important... okay this is sensitive as hell...

Sex then... ill talk about sex.. or lack thereof... imma be honest i havent had sex since august 22 and thats real!!! I think maybe Im to picky or to shy... not sure which one(0r maybe they alternates depending on the woman)doesn't matter... either way im screwed... i would like to find a good woman.. but i dont think that they exist... i mean some women have good qualities but then again... oh well more to come... well see what tomorrow brings... gotta keep my head up and so do you!!!



9/15/2005 7:17 pm

Welcome and good luck.

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