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9/25/2005 9:57 pm

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Here's a question

Is it true that the older people get the more they revert to their childhood attitudes and actions when it comes to things they dont agree with or like?... Think about it, one person doenst agree with another person and theres a shouting match... One country doesnt agree with another country, they go to war... One man doesnt agree with one woman and they cant be civil to one another... You know what maybe its not that men and women act like kids... maybe its men and women just dont know how to act at all sometimes... In my job i do alot of face to face customer service with people and it amazes me just how they can act when they dont get their way... (i know some of you can agree especially if you work at a job such as mine) At this stage in my life, where i am already supposed to have developed an adult attitude, i find my self wondering exactly what kind of attitude that is.... I know that i want to be a good person and a role model to my future children or anyone for that matter... so what exactly am i striving for? Just a thought... Still no success on this site although i have had some interesting emails and experiences. Some people have been really nice and polite in discussing sex and other things... others have been real assholes... but some people cant be happy unless they make sonme else miserable ya know? anyway im done for now... all you haters stay away!!! im goin on with my day!


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