The fill in  

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8/19/2005 6:48 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

The fill in

Just got an interesting visit from a married couple that are friends of mine. They are both in their early 30's and have 2 lovely kids. Mike recently got a vasectomy and is temporarily "out of order". Now mike and Tina regularly discuss sexual topics with me, but they are both really quite reserved and aren't into swinging or anything, they have a great sex life and love hearing my stories from my encounters.

The reason mike got "the chop" was due to the fact they never wanted anymore kids and Tina has been experiencing a rapidly increasing sex drive over the last 6 months, so to be safe he got it done.

This is where i come in....They asked if i would feel comfortable acting as a "fill in" just for a short period until he has properly recovered. Tina can't satisfy herself and although Mike can perform oral sex they say it's just not the same. Tina doesn't want to seek out a stranger and Mike also says he would feel uncomfortable with that.

This comes as a huge shock to me and somthing i would never have expected from these guys and it brought some concerns to me. This is so far from anything they normally would consider, we have a great friendship and i'm unsure if this would have any effect on it. Tina is going to come around and visit tomorrow while the kids are at school and Mike is at work, he said he is fine with it, guess i'll see how it goes tomorrow.


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