For me or my music....  

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8/20/2005 5:49 am

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For me or my music....

To give you a brief idea about my band, we are not famous and I doubt we ever will be. We have a good little fanbase and that is enough for us. We live in quite a small town and don't play here much because there isn't much opportunity to do so. Our home town is like our home base and is where we write the majority of our songs, practice, record and try to keep sane. I am the singer and love performing, as does the rest of my band.

The majority of our gigs are played down south where there is more people and more benefits to play. We formed about 7 years ago not long after I finished high school and are currently recording our second C.D. We have had a little bit of success in several "battle of the bands" competitions and supported some more known bands in places like Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne.

Something that has always got me thinking is the fact that when we play a gig, we always receive a lot of interest afterwards from not only our fans but also females. Quite often I am surprised at how easy it is to pick up a girl (or a few) on nights that we play, and more often than not they are interested before we even have a chance to say hi.

which gets me I get this interest for me or for my music?, is it the fact that they think I was good on stage and find me attractive, or was it the fact that I sing in a band. I don't seem to have much trouble hooking up with on a normal venture out on a weekend, but when I play with my band it's almost impossible not to.

It's nearly always younger women that approach me after I play and I guess that is why I find myself here on AdultFriendFinder, I'm not greedy, but I love variety and always looking for a challenge, and most of these lady's that I am approached by are no challenge whatsoever..guess I can't complain.


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