Shave Your Legs  

jaxndbx 50M
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8/26/2006 8:45 pm
Shave Your Legs

Shave your legs
I love being an American. We have the luxury of dental floss, fast food and proper grooming. Men spend millions of dollars on pornography every year and I guarantee those girls not only have shaved their legs but everything else for that matter.
My sister digs hairy guys which is odd because she married a guy who has less body hair than a fish. I remember one boyfriend she had had so much back hair I bought him a dog collar and a chew bone.
Personally I can't see the attraction to body hair in most forms. I myself have the perfect amount of body hair that glistens and gleams with the slightest bit of sweat attached to it, making me look like I am posing for an Annie Leibowitz photog. I also have the advantage of having Austrian blood so my hair is soft and somewhat blond when the sun hits it.
Sorry I got side tracked (damn it I glisten).
Living in California or anywhere stateside for that matter there is no reason a girl should go without shaving her GAMS. There are more tanning salons in the US than Starbucks so I know some chicks give a shit about how they look.
Don't give me that shit about, "I did not think anyone would see them", or "It's just a little stubble".
That attitude just makes me wanna puke and it makes you hairy bitches UNAMERICAN! There are a gazillion ways to get rid of the stubs - shave, wax, Nair, LASER. I am the MAN, it is my job to be hard and hairy and sweaty and sometimes even grumbly.
But you little angels must set the example for young girls growing up in the community. If some six grade girls at the Jamba Juice see you some day while you are on your period and your not dating someone and decide it is okay to go out in public to a Jamba Juice without your legs shaved then they might just end up like you. Alone with hairy legs at Jamba Juice. Loser.

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