Religion & Phone Minutes  

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8/26/2006 8:51 pm

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Religion & Phone Minutes

Religion is a joke. I love it when people say I am not religious, they say, I am "spiritual". What the hell is that supposed to mean? Do you see spirits? I think maybe the only spirits you are seeing is at the bar you wannabe theologians.
My second favorite groups of people are the ones who THINK they know something about Hinduism or Buddhism and can not possibly make one legitimate quote from either religious text. You are embarrassing yourself you half-assed co-dependents.
For those of you who don't know me "personally" and intimately I don’t go to church but I have tattoos on my arms, neck and back - most of which are of a religious theme. I have already commissioned the art work and when I am done I will have more than 10 symbols representing everything from Jainism to Ramtha. I have both of those already.
I know most of you My Spacers don't know a bread wafer worth of religious history so I don't expect you to do anything but get on your knees and stick your tongue out (communion for your numb skulls).
I have these tatts because other than being buried in a Jewish cemetery I will be accepted by all the GODS!
In the last month however I have begun to believe that the FARCE that is religion has all of us hypnotized to believe that some god will want us eventually even if it is the "spiritual" god. I came across two circumstances that will make me question it all.
I witnessed two things that could only happen in
1) I walked into The Bean (coffee shop) and saw a guy reading a book on ZEN and he was biting his nails.
Could any guy have needed it more? This guy has no hope! If he can't relax reading a book then he will never relax. If he can't relax reading a book about "peace of mind" and how to relax then he should just throw in the towel and jump off a roof. Yes I am an advocate for suicide and there are 7 people in My Space that I recommend this to as well.
The second thing I saw...
2) I saw a PRIEST driving a NEW CAR with PERSONALIZED LICENSE PLATES and he was on his God Damn CELL PHONE!
That is the God's Honest Truth! He was headed south bound on Redondo Avenue at 3:15 today in his Toyota Camry with numbered initials on his plates. THIS PRIEST was talking on a MOTOROLA RAZR! I don't know about you but that PRIEST is living a life of excesses and giving in to TEMPTATION - FO SHO!
If a priest can spend church money buying a RAZR or kicking down a few extra bucks for vanity plates then I think I can commit a few SINS this week and not sweat it. How will I do it? That is easy. Sinning comes easy to me so I will make sure I cover all of them. But people of integrity and honor need not worry.
Sinners beware! I don't want the virtue of the clean - I want to eat the souls of the wicked. I am coming after all who have wronged me, hurt me and wasted my phone minutes. I want to torture both demons and GODS with my bare hands. I want to slither naked down a slide of burning coals listening to the screams of the tortured play like music on my journey to down the Styx. I will hold that priest in one hand and the nail biter in the other at the threshold of Satan's lair and I choke the life out of them both I will let myself in by beating their bloody heads against Satin’s door. Then I will call a cab with the dead priest’s Motorola RAZR.

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Damn, you are one hot tamale!!

Very classy gent you are

Welcome to the blogs ?*

Purry {=}


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