Civic Pride  

rm_jax1112 58M
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7/19/2005 6:33 am
Civic Pride

You want to take pride in the city you reside in. I mean, it's where you have decided to put down roots...whether it be momentarily or somewhat more entrenched. And in a way, it does define you as you speak with others around the net. Cities take on their own individual personas which come in two forms; the PR machine jingoism of how a city wants to be seen, and the truth that lies beneath that.

Never ever do you want to criticize where you live. First, you'll be told to stop your bitching and move (kind of an "America, Love It or Leave It" philosphy). Still, this indeed is America (which i do love), and we are completely free to 'move about the country'. Next, you will be viewed as a malcontent...someone who wouldn't be happy regardless of where you lived. And, of course, lastly you will be seen as someone who has betrayed their community. Stepping out there and telling all these dirty little secrets...except they're not so secret.

I live in a community which is heavily influenced by folk who hold deeply religious beliefs ( i'll get to the racist part later). I use the word deeply to emphasize their devoutness. Now, i am all for the concept of people being able to freely exercise their religious beliefs. And this freedom seems to work pretty well for them as they remain untaxed by the government and, everywhere i go, i see houses of worship (both grandiose and humble). So, i have this very real sense that religious people are able to organize, congregate and worship till their heart's content. But (shockingly), i am wrong. Religious people are under attack in the US of A. Or so they say.

No prayer in schools, no "Under God" in the everyday pledge, the very concept of 'Separation of Church/State' (which to hear them talk is a fallacy) and the general overall everyday 'assault on God' (to paraphrase one Congressman). I'm sure they have many more grievences, but i hope i have captured their thoughts/concerns in a general way.

Speaking generally, i am sympathetic to those among us who are oppressed, denied their civil liberties or otherwise put upon simply because of who and/or what they are. Yet, oddly, i do not feel the pain of the vast religious majority in this country. To the contrary, i feel as though they have over-stepped their boundaries in the public sphere and are imposing thier belief systems on me. They have moved from freedom of worship to demanding the full implementation of their belief system into the public arena. And all this currently having the sanction of a significant number of our government officials.

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