Long nipples - how common?  

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8/18/2005 7:33 pm

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Long nipples - how common?

Well, to get through today's meeting from hell I resorted to fantasizing about a woman I spent a two week long business trip with a few years ago. She was remarkable (among a couple reasons ) for her nipples. They were the longest I've ever encountered - must have approached an inch and a half. I've always been more of a leg/ass man than a breast man, but these nipples were something else to suck on. Spectacular. But I've never encountered the like before or sense. I've seen a few women who had a similar look through the shirt material, but never "in the flesh". So I've always wondered how common they were...

So, through the boring parts of the meeting I recalled our encounters through those weeks... much better than listining to geeks drone on for hours at a crack....

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