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When we moved to Schenectady from Schoharie, we rented a
house awful cheap 'cause it was spooked, and nobody would
live in it. But we didn't care, 'cause we didn't take no
stock in spooks. We had just gone to bed the first night,
dog tired from riding in a wagon all day. We hadn't had
time to shut our eyes when we heard a thumpity-thump,
thumpity-thump comin' down the attic stairs. I covered my
head with the blankets, but I couldn't shut out the sound.
Thumpity-thump, thumpity- thump, it went. I could hear it
plain as day. Past the bedroom door thumpity-thump,
thumpity-thump and down the stairs thumpity-thump, thumpity-
thump and through the kitchen thumpity-thump, thumpity-
thump and down the cellar stairs thumpity-thump, thumpity-
thump, makin' the most awful racket you ever heard. It was
more than we could stand. So we all followed the sound to
see what was goin' on. When e got down the cellar stairs,
we saw that it was a chair that has made all of that
racket. There it was, with one of its legs pointin' to a
place on the dirt floor. We all just stood and gawped till
my brother Ike said that he believed that the chair was
trying to tell us something about the place it was pointing
at. So Ike went and got a shovel and started diggin.' He
didn't have to dig far before his shovel struck somethin'
hard. Pretty soon we could see the edge of a box stickin'
out. We all hollered for him to hurry up and uncover the
rest of it. And the chair--it got so excited, it jumped up
and down like it had gone plumb crazy. When Ike got the box
uncovered, Pop and the boys pried off the lid. And there
was the body of a man all smooched with blood. It was plain
as the nose on your face that he had been murdered, and the
chair wanted folks to know it. Right then and there we
decided to leave. Bein' strangers, everybody would think
that we had murdered him and come there to hid the body. It
didn't take us long to fill up that hole and get out of
that house. The chair was awful mad about our leaven', and
it went up the cellar stairs THUMPITY-THUMP, THUMPITY-THUMP
louder than when it had gone down. Then it THUMPITY-THUMPED
up the next set of stairs and the next louder still. When
it got back into the attic, it THUMPITY-THUMPED, so loud we
thought it would thump all the plasterin' down on our
heads. Nobody asked us why we were movin' out so
soon, 'cause nobody ever stayed more than one night in that
place, and most not that long. But I can tell you we were
thankful to get back to Schoharie where chairs stay where
they're put and don't go rarin' and rampagin' 'roun,
scarin' folks out of their wits, pointin' out murders and
goodness knows what!

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6/3/2006 6:51 pm

Outside of the twin courts, one need only concern themselves with tha murders related to their own lives.

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