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It was exactly thirteen more days until Brooke graduated high school. Brooke's father told her that each day starting tomorrow, he would give her a rose for each year she had been in school, which was twelve. Each day he would give her one more than the last day. That day her father went to work, and was killed in a car accident. He never gave his daughter the roses he promised. Exactly twelve years later... Brooke became a Jr. high school teacher. And it was also just twelve days before graduation day. she went to her work mailbox, and there she found a single lavender rose. She looked for a card to see who was the sender of the rose, and found a small white piece of paper that said nothing but her own name on it. She didn't think much about it until the next day, when she was on her way home, and stumbled upon two pink roses tied together with a red ribbon. There were two pieces of paper, one on each rose. The first one said for, and the second one said Brooke. And it went on like that. Three the next day, then four, the five. Until she got to the twelfth day. It was her last class before the end of the day, and she was surprised that she hadn't received any roses yet, the bell rang. Only twelve of her twenty-four students remained in class. "What are you all waiting for?" she asked. The last school day bell rang. A boy from the front row came up to her desk and placed a single red rose on it, then gathered his things and left. Then one by one ten more kids came up to her desk and laid a single red rose on it then left. The Twelfth child, a girl wearing a beautiful white satin dress, like Brooke has worn to her father's funeral and then to her graduation party in memory of her father, slowly emerged from her desk after everyone else had left. She had a pink rose in her hand and said to Brooke, "This one had a little note attached to it." Then the girl picked up her things and left, leaving Brooke alone. She opened the note it read... "Brooke, I finally kept my promise."

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No offence but you look awfully 'mean', I don't find your stories (only read one) I hope I am wrong but you seems freaky I wouldn't want to bump into you in a dark alley, I could be wrong?! Your stories are sick and out there to say the least.

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