jasonabadboy4u 29M
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6/22/2006 3:17 pm

This story is even more terrifying because it is based on real events.
I walk to school everyday. But to get there I have to pass a stretch of train tracks.
This one day I was walking along the train tracks, and it was foggy out making it hard to see.
When suddenly, I stumbled upon two weird looking men who were also walking along those same train tracks. They seem to be carrying big, black trash bags with them, and they were picking up things off the ground and putting them inside the bags. I figure that they were picking up trash. When I caught up with them, I asked what they were doing. At first they ignored me. But as I kept pestering them, they finally turned to me and stared at me menacingly. As if I did not belong there. One of them tilted his head at the other, then he opened up the trash bag in his arms and told me to look. I look and was horrified to see severed and mangled body parts inside. Suddenly as I looked up, the other man, he turned around and held out his arms. He carried a ripped garbage bag. I could see that It was a badly mutilated, bloody head inside it. It's cold, white face was staring back at me from inside the bag. The mouth wide open as if it was severed in the moment of pure terror. In that moment of terror I realized that it was my head. I was dead.
This story's influence was from a set of nearby train tracks where I live.
Where many people have went to commit suicide there.

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