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6/23/2006 2:02 pm

Note This story is for mature readers.
This story is about the would be victim fighting back and having her way with her attacker.

This story is based around the scenario where a male college student, wanting to join a sorority to be popular and fit in. Finds out that for his acceptance he has to sneak into a female dormitory, and one of the girls there. For his initiation. Yet another is a campus stalker, who has a good time preying on the innocence of young college women.
As the legend goes, two young women share a college dorm room together. On one Saturday night one of the roommates go out for fun. While the other one stays in to read. After getting tired she head's for her bed and undresses. Being a self conscious woman living in today's unpredictable society, She carries with her a can of pepper spray. That she sits on the bed shelf every night before going to sleep. Late that night a stalker sneaks into the sleeping beauty's bedroom, And he slowly, quietly crawls into the bed. All the while the woman stirs as she had been having a nightmare. And wakes up just in time to stare into the ruthless eyes of her assailant, that lays over her. As they struggle, the woman reaches for and grabs the can of pepper spray. She aims it directly at her attacker's eye and unloads it in his face. Screaming in pain! The would be while grabbing his eyes, falls back and crashes against a wall. A heavy knickknack shelf falls on his head, knocking him out cold, and giving him a concussion. Seeing this, the girl notices a pair of handcuffs the attacker had with him, And hurriedly puts them on over his wrists. Then she runs to the phone to call police. But fast thinking reminds her that most never truly get what they really deserve. Putting the phone back on the receiver. With great effort she drags the still unconscious man back onto the bed, and gets on top of him. And stares him down as he slowly awakens. To his horror he could only watch as she forces her hand down the front of the guys boxers shorts. The only clothing he had been wearing. For ease of having his way with his victims. She proceeded by pinching the tip of his penis with her fingernails. He is Screaming in pain as she then grabs his balls and covers his mouth. From all the commotion some of the other dormitory girls burst into the room, to find a horrific scene of torture But after being advised of the situation, they too have their individual way with the former . Some simply repeatedly kicking the guy in the groin. Finally they get the police to come to take the guy away to prison. But it was said that some of the previous victims made deals with the warden of the prison, to have time alone with the attacker, while he was being subdued by hand and ankle chains.

I did not write this. Nor would any guy writes such a horrid story. Because I know what it feels like to have stuff like this done to me from experience. It was sent to me by a close friend who knew somebody that was in a campus dorm. She wrote this story in the memory of all those who had been . And sent it to me to share with as many as possible, to let others know how often occurs at colleges. In hopes that this story inspires young women to not be scared when being attached and to encourage them to fight back. Please share this with all your friends. Thanks.

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