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8/9/2005 8:21 am

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Swedish woman

We had communication at 11 p.m. from SHAG of a Swedish woman today.

It was the first communication from her and doubted you with a man because real nature was unclear at first.

However, I understood that she was 18 years old and that I said a big tits of 38 DD and showed my cock.
She is the first time that it watches Japanese cock, but it seems to be considerably a favorite.

She is "can i see more ? I am "u want my hot seeds ? in hearing it with " She is "mmm yes! when she asks you again with " There are "and reaction.
I am "where u want it ? She answered it that she heard it with "with "my inside pussy".

I began masturbation, but she can meet again in "tomorrow? Because I heard it with ", I promised in the same time and was finished.

I am frustration.

There was an email from a married woman named Barbara this morning.
I intend to let this Barbara call me "master" within this summer.

‘“ϊ‚ΝŒίŒγ11Žž‚ΙƒXƒEƒF[ƒfƒ“—«‚Μ‚r‚g‚`‚f‚©‚η˜A—‚ͺ‚ ‚Α‚½B


‚΅‚©‚΅”ޏ—‚ͺ‚P‚WΛ‚Ε‚ ‚ι‚±‚ƁA‚»‚΅‚Δ‚R‚W‚c‚c‚Μ‘ε‚«‚Θ‹Ή‚Ζ‚’‚€‚±‚Ζ‚ͺ‚ν‚©‚θA‰΄‚Μ‚c‚h‚b‚j‚πŒ©‚Ή‚½B

”ޏ—‚ͺA"can i see more ?" ‚Ζ•·‚­‚Μ‚Ε‰΄‚́A"u want my hot seeds ?" ‚Ζ•·‚«•Τ‚·‚ƁA”ޏ—‚ͺ "mmm yes!" ‚Ζ”½‰ž‚ͺ‚ ‚ιB
‰΄‚́A "where u want it ?" ‚Ζ•·‚­‚ƁA”ޏ—‚Ν "my inside pussy" ‚Ζ“š‚¦‚½B

‰΄‚ΝŽ©ˆΤ‚πŽn‚ί‚½‚ͺA”ޏ—‚ͺ "–Ύ“ϊ–”‰ο‚¦‚ι H" ‚Ζ•·‚­‚Μ‚Ε“―‚ΆŽžŠΤ‚Ι–ρ‘©‚π‚΅‚ΔI—Ή‚΅‚½B


‘’©Aƒo[ƒoƒ‰‚Ζ‚’‚€lΘ‚©‚烁[ƒ‹‚ͺ‚ ‚Α‚½B
‘‰Δ’†‚Ι‚±‚Μƒo[ƒoƒ‰‚Ι‚ΰ‰΄‚ΜŽ–‚π "master" ‚ΖŒΔ‚Ξ‚Ή‚Δ‚β‚λ‚€‚ΖŽv‚€B

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