The Art of Blog Part 6  

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10/10/2005 12:38 pm

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The Art of Blog Part 6

Ok...I'll finish this real soon!...Decided it has to be in 7 parts......The Art of Blog in 7 Parts....sounds neat....sounds like I meant it like i constructed my own personal Blog Self-Help booklet....which i have in a way...

But it's not a blueprint...or a manifesto. It's just me having you might improvise a little tune....think of it like that...(then you won't get me wrong)


I'm wanting to attract attention my way. Admittedly I haven't got a lot to play with here: I'm a white middle-aged male from England. I'm quite a way off the 'action'. I'm obviously on the subs bench.

To get into the Passion. Com 1st team I'd need to be:

A female
Be a self-confessed slut
Have various and copious copulating experience to tell everybody about
Have a vivid and expressive erotic imagination
Post tantalising pictures of myself in provocative poses
Make myself available for promiscious inter-blog relations

But I'm not. So to get myself off the subs bench and onto the pitch i could do this:

Write dirtily (or even informatively) about

blow jobs
faking orgasms
swallowing or spitting
shaving and piercing
favourite place to have sex
favourite position to have sex
favourite sexual toy get the picture....

Right time to post

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