A Lazy day at home.  

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6/13/2006 1:02 pm

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A Lazy day at home.

A ring of the door bell awakens you. It's odd as its 8:30 AM on a Tuesday, you think it's too early for the mail and you’re not expecting anyone. A little annoyed at the thought of getting up, you do and put your robe on, and start for the door. At that moment you wish that you had finished what needed to be finished last night after your husban rolled over and went to sleep. (As he always does after the same old boring sex routine) Except that last night, he almost had you, it would have been a small orgasm but an orgasm is an orgasm, but then he was done. As you walk to the door you remember that you had the cable guy coming out to fix the system today.
You look threw the peep hole and sure enough it’s him. You step back and try to fix your hair and then unlock and open the door.
You say good morning, I reply with how are you and did I wake you. You reply with, why yes, as you had forgotten that I was coming. I ask if I may step inside, as you step back you motion for me to enter. I ask so what seems to be the problem with the system. Thoughts are racing threw your head and a smile runs over you face. You say that the system in the bedroom has the problem. As you start towards the bed room I follow. As we get to the bedroom you state that the system is not working right. As you get past the door you reach up to your robe and open it just enough for one of your beautiful breast to be exposed, hard nipple and all! As you turn to face me I see this and drop my bag, and ask what, um what do you mean “not working right”. You state that you can’t seem to get the channels that show these types of shows! As you reach up and cup your exposed breast and squeeze your nipple for me. I blush and say well let me see if I can fix that. As I bend over and get my bag, I find that I need to adjust myself as the Semi erect cock is impeding my movements. You walk over to me and as you grasp my cock threw my jeans you say let me do that! And you drop to your knees and undo my jeans and slide them down, I see a smile on your face and you lick your lips at the site of my thick cock. As you grab my cock with you left hand you reach down and untie your robe and let it fall open exposing a very beautiful pair of breast with very erect nipples. My cock jumped in your hand at the site of them, you smile as you start to tongue the opening at the top of my cock. My eyes start to shut, but I see you cupping and tweaking those very nice hard nipples, I just have to keep them open to watch. Just then, you slide my cock into your very soft and warm mouth. You slowly take as much as you can then start to suck as you extract it from you mouth. When you have just the head in your mouth you start to tickle the opening with the tip of your tongue while sucking very hard, and stroking the shaft with one hand. I look down and see that the other hand has found your very trim pussy and was moving in rhythm with you tongue on my cock. After what seemed like for ever, you started to slide my cock in and out of your mouth and as you do this I can see that a finger has made it inside of your pussy and was in prefect sync with the wonderful blow job you were giving me. I see that your knees are starting to shake and feel the suction on my cock increasing. I can tell that you’re very close to exploding. As you start to cum I hear and feel you moaning, as you suck harder and harder. My cock is very close to exploding as well and then you reach up with you other hand and start to squeeze my balls as if you are milking the cum out of them and then I explode you gag at first then start to swallow every so often. When my cock starts to go limp you take it from your mouth and rub it on you nice breast and suck the head one last time.

As I reach down to fondle your very erect nipples, I start to pull and squeeze them, and then you stand. As you do I slip the robe off your shoulders and it falls to the floor? I take you by the back of your neck and tilt your head to one side and start to sucking and nibble on the small of you neck. Goose bumps run down your body and you start to moan. I reach down and press on the mound just above your clit. You like this, and start to push back against my hand. I can feel the start of stubble on the palm of my hand, as you haven’t shaved yet this morning. I like the fact that this wasn’t planned and a smile runs over my face. As I walk you over to the bed and lay you down. I step back and look at what a truly lovely creature you are! I lean over a start to rub the inside of you thigh. I notice the tan lines from your bikini and this just turns me on. I feel my cock began to move again. I get on my knees a pull your body towards the edge of the bed, till just the slightest whisper of your cute butt hangs over the edge. I start by kissing the bald mound above your opening. As I do I can see that your lips are swollen and real wet. Your clit is pushing out of its protective hood. I start blowing warm air over you and I see your legs start to shake. I part your lips with my tongue, being careful not to touch your clit. I start to lick your lips up the left side and then down the right. I repeat this for what seem to you like forever. When you think that I’m never going to take care of you this way. I push my lower lip up against the top of your opening and engulf you clit in my mouth and start to rattle it with my tongue. First up and down motions then as you start to reach down and take my head into your hands. I start hitting your now very swollen clit with a side to side motion with my tongue. Well this puts you over the top and you explode on my face. Every muscle in you body starts to spasm. I look up and you eyes are closed and you have the look of an angle on you face. You’ve just had one of the best orgasms of you life. I reach up with on hand and start to play with you nipple and then stand. Stepping back you reach for the nipple I just left with you left hand. With your right hand you start to rub you clit and lips. I step out of my boots and paints kicking them to one side of the nightstand. I ask if you have any condom’s you motion to the same nightstand. I pull open the drawer, to my surprise I find a little love bullet. As I grab the box of condoms, I also grab this little surprise. I put the bullet in my shirt packet, as my back is towards you. I think to myself, I know what to do with this little friend and just when I’m going to spring it into action. I turn and hand you the box and you sit up on the bed and tear one of the condoms out od the package. I step over to you and you grab the base of my now very hard cock and reach out with your tongue and lick the pre-cum off the head and then engulf it with your mouth making sure to leave a lot of saliva on the head. You start to stroke the shaft with one hand as you put the head of my cock into the condom you use the ok sign to un-roll the condom onto my cock. As this task nears completion, you reach down to lick and suckle my balls. All of a sudden you lean back and tell me to fuck you good. I smile and say what ever the customer wants. You slid down the bed; I nuzzle the head of my fat hard cock at the entrance of you. I then grab your legs bending your knees and place the feet together I rest them on my chest. I then start to slide my cock into you. As I feel the shaft make its way past the inner lips I also start to feel little contractions, like your body is pulling my cock inside of you. When I’m almost all the way inside you reach up and grab my arms and pull me all the way in. After you pussy stopped squeezing me like a vice grip. Just when I started to withdraw my cock you tensed up and said NO! As I stopped you started to do a little circle with your hips grinding your clit into me and every time you were at the top I felt your cervix hit the head of my cock. I must admit I have hit a cervix before, but it was like you were using it to message the head of my cock while I was inside of you. This went on for about 3 minutes till you were ready to have your next orgasm. I could feel you pussy start to grip me even tighter then before. That’s when I started with slow withdrawals and insertions, ensuring to hit the cervix ever so slightly at the bottom. Just when I thought you were to that point of exploding I reached up and pulled out the surprise. I twisted the bottom and put it on high speed; you must not have heard it as you squealed when I placed it on your clit. You started exploding with orgasm after orgasm squeezing my cock with every one. I leaned against you and slammed my cock into your pussy and came with you. After I withdrew my cock from you still quivering pussy, you set up and removed the condom and licked my cock clean. I turned off the bullet and returned it to the drawer in the night stand. Put on my paints and boot’s and turned and said I would have to come back next week with a box that would give you the channels you requested. You said with a smile that you couldn’t wait. As we walked to the door, I turned towards you and gave you a deep kiss, as I did you reached down and squeezed my cock and said till next week.

The end…

VATraveler1948 68M

6/13/2006 3:55 pm

Nice story... keep them cumming. Welcome to the blogs!

sizequeen64 52F  
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7/7/2006 10:40 am

Damn good story..please write more

ssbabyfroggy2 57F

7/10/2006 11:23 am

i really like your story jammer. please keep it coming.

from froggy2

rm_pussycat0823 43M/42F
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7/23/2006 12:26 pm

Great story!!! Keep them coming!!

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