Woundering Why  

rm_jamieleetg1 61T
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12/17/2005 8:25 am

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3/30/2006 2:03 pm

Woundering Why

As i set and read the profiles here. I see there are more females that are willing to tell About being bi. I know for a fact there are a lot of guys out there that are bi.I read profiles on couples and wounder why the females are bi and the guys just watch. If guys would just admit there feelings you would find more guys are bi also.A lot of guys are looking for a tg,ts,tv or a cd and say there straight.Whats with this? I would like to see more guys being truthful with themselves.Being bi isnt nothing to be ashamed of.
I am a bi tg (male-female). I dress in female clothes and love to meet guys or girls.I enjoy being with them.So i know how it is to be bi.Enjoy it and be yourself.

BiPaganMan 50M
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1/20/2006 5:30 am

Well, I'm a man that's not afraid of admiting he's bi. So that's one. But I do agree that not many admit to it, I've been contacted by several males whose profiles have listed them as straight. When I ask them why they contacted me (I'm only interested in meeting men here) they admit to being bi.
If people would be honest in their profiles things would go much smoother around here.

Blessed Be,

baddad1963 54M
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10/29/2006 8:31 pm

would love to have drinks sometime and see what happens from there.

discreet_fun_28 39M

3/17/2007 10:10 am

Hi, Jamielee. I was just visiting your blog and wanted to comment on this because I am one the guys that you are talking about.

If I was only looking to met men I would list myself as bi on my profile. However, I am here to meet both men and women. In the past my profile was bi and I found that it turned off most women. It is too taboo and not socially accepted. Therefore, it is easier to explain myself to men than it is to find a woman that doesn't care.

HowlsHumidSheik 51M
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9/14/2007 1:15 pm

Everybody on this site needs to look on the top right of their computer screan and see where the sex academy is and read all topic on sex. You don't have to be bi sexual just because you want to suck a man's cock or want to get a man's cock to fuck your ass. When you fuck a woman's pussy you are called straight so what do you call yourself when you fuck her in the ass. So if you fuck her in the ass. So whats the different if you fuck a man in the ass too. Are they both still taboo to fuck anyone in the ass no matter whats their gender. Why do we have to use other names to tell each other how we feel anyway. What if they are still a virgin in the ass area or never been fucked in the ass. But they want to try it to feel how it feels. Why do women like to get fucked in their ass and some women don't. And if something hurts them would you try to hurt again. So calling people names is also hurtful but poeple still call other people name like you gay, or other names. So if someone you never met before walks up and calls you gay would you get offended or not. How can you be yourself if you are not free to choose your own sexually. I am straight and I want to fuck a woman in the ass and a ts/tv/tg or maybe a man too. I have never fucked anyone in the ass but I have fuck at least 10 willing women in their pussy. So until I actually fuck anyone in the ass and then I change my status from straight to bi. Or get fucked in my ass. I suck on a few cocks but they never came in my mouth. Do you know that a woman's clitoris is a very small penis. Why do men have nipples or breasts.


rm_steve4916 61M
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12/31/2008 8:54 am

hi jamielee i wounld love once to be with somebody like you,i,ve been with men but not with somebody like you.it wounld be nice.steve4916

RiverRat13 45M
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3/3/2010 10:58 pm

I am man enough toadmit it. Hows it going, you still arouund? I love being with a woman, letting her have my ass with a strap-on or having her ass. I have sucked on a dick and had mine sucked by a man. Exploring my sexuality. Never been w a t-girl, would love to try it also.

DaterAbiesGlass 64M
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4/9/2014 12:26 am

I think that a lot of it is with the traditional taboos associated with the terms bi and with gay. Myself I can get turned on seeing a guy getting sucked off by another guy but not as much as if it was by a girl.
I also enjoy the feel of a breast in my hand.
So the thought of being with a TG is more appealing and is different than being with a man.
Have I been with either Not yet!

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