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2/21/2006 10:16 pm

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3/31/2006 2:17 am


On my way to Victoria with a friend. I finally had the time to write a blog, after many attempts.

Thank you Trish for going with me, and letting me have a wild time getting drunk, and being myself.

To VELVETGIRL69, my heart goes out to you. She was in a abusive relationship, and has been warning people about this guy. For the most part, she has received great appreciation for this. But a few people have attack her for this. I congratulate her on her self respect in not attacking them. Just simply warning people!

I can't help but think that these people who have attack her, are either in a abusive relationship, or that they are abusive people to. I am sure most of you are neither, just simply blind to the facts. Take the blinkers off. See for yourself, what people go through who have been in a abusive relationship.

Like VELVETGIRL69 said in her blog,VELVETGIRL69, it seems that people like to attack the victim, saying that it's there fault. Which takes the focus off the abuser. When in reality, it's the abuser fault for the abuse.

Being in a abusive relationship is not a fun time or experience. There so many head games played on you, that most times you don't know if you are coming or going. In most cases, the trust is broken countless times, that when you finally leave, you find it hard to trust anybody.

Being in a couple abusive relationships myself, I know how difficult and frustrating it is, to tell people about it. So VELVETGIRL69, I know how much courage it took to put this down in words, for all to read. To post comments, good or bad.

Good for you.

So, if you want to know, if your in a abusive relationship? Just view VELVETGIRL69 article, Characteristics of a Psychopath. Look at the list, and see if your partner fits any of the items listed, and judge yourself.

There is one thing I have learned about being in a abusive relationship, and that is, the abuser are CONTROL FREAKS! They have to control you to get there jollies. A relationship should be based on trust, respect, and be able to communicate with each other. At least thats how I look at it. To me, if you don't have this, you don't have a relationship.

My thoughts about abuser's and control freaks, is that we should make that info available for everybody to see and make there own decision. That's break that wall of silence about abuse. Even if I have to take that wall down myself, brick by brick. Something has to be done about it.

Post your comments, good or bad. I will allow all comments, as long as they do it in a respectful way.

One last thing, thanks to all my friends who have been there for me. Especially MJ and Sandra. I finally can trust two people, who don't play head games with me.

jamesbond0071965 51M
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2/23/2006 2:20 am

thank you mzhunyhole, like you said, if you are in one get out now

i did, i will never go down that road again


2/27/2006 11:37 pm

Thank you jamesbond0071965 for your courage and strength it took to post this information. I agree with you about the wall of silence it needs to be kicked down and the abusers need to be named.

For the most part I believe people are good...but there are a few who are extremely abusive and take pleasure hurting others. For those who don't believe I can understand that as well as most abuse is hard to believe if you have never experience it. But believe... because who in their right mind would want to subject themselves to further abuse from the non believers and those who criticize us for posting the information to prevent further abuse to others.

We do it to prevent the abuse from continuing. It is like an infectious disease and spreads like wildfire if you let it. The negative comments and hurtful remarks are painful at times but worth the effort of Stopping the Abuse It is not about a vendetta or anything of that sort but, providing helpful information and or, staying informed and not giving in to ignorance.

The healing process from such an experience is difficult and long, and can completely leave the so called victim (survivor) paralized in many ways.

Yes... it is about power and control and their lack of sense of self and how powerless they feel in the world. Abusers are weak and need to bully their way around others to feel big or strong. We all know that it is their lack of strength and courage, and how small they feel around us, and the rest of the world.

Thank you for believing and being supportive as this has been a hard and difficult journey for me and I'm sure for you as well. Thank you for posting and let's kick that wall down brick by brick.


jamesbond0071965 51M
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3/1/2006 12:49 am

thanks VELVETGIRL69, maybe this is the start of that wall coming down.

it took over fourty years for the Berlin wall to come down, hopefully it won't take that long to take this wall of silence down.

xxxVelvetgirlxxx 50F
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9/22/2006 1:24 am

Hey James...hope you are well. I haved moved my blogs to a different handle now. Feel free to check them out. Hope you are doing well.


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