So where are you?  

james12412 49M
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5/30/2006 9:55 am
So where are you?

And so the journey begins. Yea right. Average horney talented guy looking for more. Seems simple enough. So many fuck me now listings? Bullshit. Never in my life have i met a woman who really just wanted meaningless sex. Yes I've had a few. In my younger days i traveled with a few local bands and lived the life. To be honest that life got in the way of the music, but not the sex life. Am i ruined for a normal relationship, well maybe? Thought hell lets try the internet, never did that before. So far so bad. How many emails do you get from other sites? Honestly though I actually thought that putting myself out in a real way would achieve a possitive result with a real lady. I guess average isn't good enough. Everyone seems to want giant cock or orgies. Again bullshit. Never had a complaint or anything less than the wanting of more. Too bad there hasn't been any women who are actually real in their bio's. Do i need a connection on some level - you bet. Wouldn't it be nice to find that person that fullfills you on ALL levels. Pipe dream at best. To close it' really is your lose not to take advantage of me and what i have to offer. Still looking for someone real...........

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