Immigration: Where do you stand?  

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4/10/2006 7:48 pm

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Immigration: Where do you stand?

Immigration: Where do you stand?

Unless you live in a cave you may be aware that the issue of immigration has finally come to light. It is a very important issue.

I personally love this issue for a couple of reasons.

It is dividing the Republicans in several ways. Those that are Corporatist, who are governed strictly by the almighty dollar want cheap labor, their racist brothers the Nationalist would build a wall around America that would make a Chinese person weep with jealousy.

The Religious Right is strongly opposed to the legislation being put forth by those that they supported. Surprise, Surprise the same Republican Congress people that want to ban abortion...also want to ban immigrants! And here is the best part. Those immigrants that they want out, are also fueling their church coffers . Not only are they taking the jobs Americans don't want (bullshit), they are going to the churches that American's no longer attend(not bullshit).

I live in a Northern suburb of Chicago. We have had a huge jump in population over the last ten years. Most of this is attributed to Mexicans, followed by Russians and Polish. Has it changed the face of our towns? Yes. Are we worst off because of them? No.

My sister married an illegal immigrant. He is a Mexican. He owns a landscaping company that he started from scratch. Many of his brothers that came to America with him, work for him. The business has done well. Between the approximately eight guys that work for him. There are over twenty children. That's a lot of mouths to feed and educate. Speaking of education, the public school where the kids attend is now 95% Hispanic.

In less than ten years my brother in-law owns two houses, (theirs is an American Dream home) over hundred thousand dollars in business equipment, a pimped Cadillac and my sister hauls the kids around in a new Eddie Bauer Excursion. Could he do that in Mexico? Fuck no. Am I pissed that he has so much? Fuck no. Do the immigrants that work for him have it as good? No. Do they have it much better than if they were in Mexico? YES!!

We need to have immigration reform. I support the McCain-Kennedy bill. We should have a bill with a provision for those that are already here in America. For the Nationalist that want to deport all who have come here illegally, I say this " How far back do we go?

What about all those children that have been born in America by illegal immigrants? Correct me if I am wrong but, they're American. As American as anyone who was born here. This flies in the face of every pro-life, pro-family Republican. Because it would be terribly hypocritical to split up a family. Oh, and just to put an end to a nasty myth. Democrats are pro-family too.

Speaking of Democrats on this issue. I have seen that we here in Illinois have a Democrat who feels she is above her constituents. A Democrat that I voted for and now feel she needs to be shown the door out of Washington. Melissa Bean voted in favor of H.R. 4437. Making those that help illegal criminals and the immigrants felons. Folks, if you think I am a prick to Republican hypocrites, you should see the letter I fired off to this biatch.

As a liberal let me also state that we do need immigration legislation that is actually enforced in our country. We do need border security, without it we truly do have a national security problem. But we also need to recognize that not all illegal immigrants are from Mexico. It is estimated that up to forty percent simply over stay their visas from other countries.

I am very happy to see people finally taking to the streets. It's about fucking time!! Maybe, it will catch on? Who knows, maybe someday we will see Americans voicing their the American streets. My guess is, it won't happen unless the draft comes back. Too bad because dissent is very American.


4/10/2006 8:39 pm

American, mexican, polish, german, who cares we are all human. I think we should live where ever the hell we want on the planet. I never understood it anyway.

rm_kelli4u2dew 41F
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4/11/2006 5:48 pm

No, it's not an important issue. It's a diversion. The latest attempt of the regime to scare the sheep about the threat outside our borders.

jakblack36 replies on 4/11/2006 7:43 pm:
I thought about this being a diversion when it first came about. I applaud the Republicans for picking good topics. They are picking topics that have a lot of "fence post" voters. With the failure of Social Securtiy reform and the medicare fiasco, alot of independents are going to swing our way. Immigration reform will bring more of both into the fold for the Democratic party.

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