Erotica Dee's toy story part 2  

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Erotica Dee's toy story part 2

It is true that she had a dark side. Dee loved the kink and
taboo side of sex. As she walked up and down the aisle she
found some really nice looking vibrators. As she was examining
one of the newer models she could not help but notice how
life like the texture was on these new cocks and dildos.
They almost felt like real cock meat.

"Excuse me dear", Dee spun around only to see
that sweet little store clerk she had spoekn too earlier.
"Time for me to get my protein". "Your
protien"? Dee replied. "Yes honey, I come here
when I get off work and I am thirsty for some sweet cock juice,
while my husband is wetting his whistle at the tavern".
Dee looked at the woman in utter amazement. "would
you like to come join me for a drink"? the woman asked.
"Yes, I could use some protien" Dee smiled.
"Have you ever drank from a glory hole hun" "No,
not at all" Dee replied. "Wel this is how it works,
You go back into one of the booths that dont have a light on.
When you get inside you flip the switch. that turns the light
on" "And then what?" Dee asked. "Well
and then you will get some man meat honey, you do know what
to do then dont ya? the little old lady smiled. "Yes
I definately do Dee replied.

As they walked through the door it was not nearly as nice
as the toy store. Dee was carrying one of the new toys with
her. She had forgotten to put it back on the shelf when she
left the room. The little old lady took the first room on
the left and pointe down the hall. Dee waslked down the hall
she could her guys telling the person sucking to suck harder.
One man was yelling "suck my dick you little cocksucker"
Although dee couldnt see the people she knew what was going

She entered the room and turned on the light. It was barely
4 feet wide and had two holes in the wall on each side. In the
middle was a stool. Dee sat on the stool, waiting for a tool..she
thought now this is really cool. As she sat there she began
to examine the toy once again. It was white and thick and
about 10 inches long. There were silver beads inside. As
she looked into the box she got a special bonus..batteries.
Dee quickly undid the bottom and placed the batteries inside.
She turned the fake cock on and it began to gyrate slowly
at the tip. Far fuckin out! Dee took her new toy and placed
it against her wet pussy. She felt the head of it go up into
her hunnyhole. It felt amazing.

Then Dee saw a light on the other side of the wall. A mans cock
appeared. It was flacid, she reached out with her left hand
and began to jerk the cock slowly. His cock felt to dry. Dee
spit on his cock getting it good and wet she began to stroke
him again. Her right hand was busy slowly inserting her
new toy up inside her waiting cunt. She began to jerk the
cock as it hardened in between her manicured fingers. Growing
inside, dee was not disapointed this guy had some meat to
him. Dee leaned over and took the tip into her mouth. "Oh
fuck yea, " came a voice on the other side of the wall.
With that she began to take the fuck stick in between her
waitng lips. She loved to give wet sloppy blow jobs. As she
sucked the mighty cock her new friend inside her cunt was
making her drip onto the cum soaked bookstore floor. She
continued to thrust the toy upinside her creamy fuck hole.
Dee sucked that cock hard and without waring he began to
spurt just as she had released the tip from her mouth. Thick
jets of cum launched from the cock onto her face and blouse.
Pearly strands landed on her blue pinstriped business
suit. the cum made a nice contrast on the navy blue suit.

to be continued...part three.

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12/20/2005 9:50 am

Holy hell. I can't wait for part three!!!

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