Erotica Dee's Toy Story Part 4  

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Erotica Dee's Toy Story Part 4

Dee left the adult bookstore covered in drying cum. She
walked though the night air back to her hotel. Not one soul
on the street seemed to notice her appearance.

As she entered the hotel lobby, the only person she saw was
a young woman behind the check-in. Dee walked across the
elegant lobby to the elevator. She waited for the elevator
to arrive. A young hotel repairman got on to the elevator
swiftly from behind her. She was staying way up on the 35th
floor. The nicest suites are always high up. He stood next
to her, eyeing her up and down. He could see the dried cum
in her hair. It was appearant that her suit also had cum stains
on it as well. Dee could see him to 6', 1" and lean.
His dark hair and green eyes was a very nice combination.
His forearms were thick and covered in tattoos. "Where
do you get your tattoos?" Dee asked. " I get them
from a friend of mine, he has a business here in the city."
The worker replied. Dee smiled at him, he smiled back. "It
looks as though you have had quite a night" he replied.
she smiled "The night is not over yet" and winked
at him.

The elevator came to a stop. Dee got off, turned to the repairman
and said, " I think my shower is broken, can you come
and make sure it works for me". "Of course ma'am
that's my job". Dee let the worker into the room
with her. "Now what seems to be the problem?"
he asked. "The massager on the shower head is not very
good" "We don't have them installed, if
you would like a massage while you shower the best I can do
is do it for you" he replied. They both smiled and began
to strip. He was lusting after her full tits and pouty lips.
This woman had a terrific mouth. He couldn't wait to
get her on her knees and have her work his cock.

Dee looked at the lean man. She didn't know his name
and she didn't care too. She looked at his muscled chest
and then down to his cock.Her knees could have buckled from
beneeth her body. In front of her was the biggest piece of
cock meat she had ever scene...ever. His cock looked like
it belonged on a horse. She knew what horse cock looked like
too. When she is alone at home she often looks at horse cock
on the internet.

They stepped into the shower. The water was warm. Dee got
under he spray. He took some shampoo and began to massage
it into her scalp. her thick brown cum matted hair quickly
lathered up. She stepped under the spray again and turned
away from him. "I thought you were going to give me
a massage?" I am he replied. I am going to massage that
tight cunt with my cock, now bend over. She was immediately
turned on by his aggresive words. She could tell she was
about to be fucked hard and that's the way she liked
her men.
She eagerly bent over and he took his thick meat and began
to rub her pussy lips with the thick bulbous head. The warm
water kept cascading down thier bodies. He took his now
erect cock and shovedit hard up inside Dee. Thrusting back
and forth." you like that you fucking whore?"
Dee replied"Yes give it to me, give me all that great
big cock" She began to fuck her cunt up and down on his
bare cock. As he was fucking her from behind while standing
he reached around her body and began to molest her full tits.
Taking her nipples and pulling on her big juggs. She loved
having her big tits grabbed at like he was doing. She could
not stand when a guy played with her tits gently. She had
many guys who would not handle her like the slut she knew
she was. Banging his cock meat swiftly in and out of her cunt,
she began to cum. Her legs were shaking as her pussy clamped
down on his very thick dick.

" Your not gonna finish that easy bitch" He took
Dee by her hair out of the shower. She was swooning, she had
wanted a guy to take and fuck the hell out of her for so long.
She felt completely powerless at the time and yet still
safe. He told Dee to get on the edge of the bed "Face
down, ass up. That's the way I wanna fuck" he told
her. She did as he requested. Her cunt awaiting his thick
cock. He took his long cock meat and began to slap it up against
her ass cheeks. "Do it to my face!" she shouted
and turned around. he took the thick shaft and slapped her
face with his mighty dick meat. She loved it. She grabbed
his dick with both hands "May I suck it?" Without
waiting for an answer she took his cokc and put as much of
it into her mouth that would fit. He held her head and began
fucking her face. he pulled her head back and forth by her
hair as he fucked her face. Dee could barely breathe between
his thrusting cock. She gagged as he fucked his cock down
her throat. Her saliva flowed out her mouth as his cock fucked
her face. strands of precum and saliva ran down her chin.
He withdrew his cock and told her to lick his balls. She happily
began to lick on his wet balls. taking each one into her mouth
she savored the taste of his ball flesh. His sac was huge
and she loved to stretch it in her mouth. She began to stroke
his cokc with her left hand as she tongued his balls. "Lick
my ass bitch, rim me" he shouted. Dee took his balls
and began to run her tongue under him. he reached back and
grabbed her hair again forcing her face into him..this
time his ass. Dee ran her tongue up and down his ass crack
as her hand frantically jacked his dick.

After a few minutes of eating his ass and jacking his cock
he told her he was gonna cum. He let go of her hair. Dee quickly
positioned her face in front of his huge cock. He unleashed
a torrent of cum upon her. thick globs spilled into her mouth
and across her face. Jacking his cock more cum flew from
the tip. It was so thick she practically had to chew to swallow
his load.

Lying there in a pool of pearl jam she was spent. He left the
cum soaked woman on the bed. Dee layed there naked. This
was one hotel she would give five stars too.

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Whew. Damn.

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