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In my blog I have never posted erotica. I have written several stories here on AdultFriendFinder. This was originally posted in September. I have decided to post these on my blog. Unless you the viewer think they suck. The stories did generally get good votes though.

Of all the really shitty things that happened this week,
Dee didn't need her favortite vibrator to die out.
It certainly had more opportunity to fuck her and make her
cum than any of the dozens of men she dated in the 12 years
that she owned it. Dee had a few other sex toys that she had
ordered online but none were a vibe. To make matters worse
this toy died when she was on a business trip.

Dee was definately independent. She felt that it wsa her
god given right to rock her world with her vibe whenever
she felt the need. Dees libido was strong so that need was
taken care of often. It's actually a miracle her battery
operated boyfriend lasted that long. Dee had seen a Walgreens
not far from her hotel, since she had nothing better to do
she decided to go and see if she could find a cheap toy because
tonight she was a woman with needs.

Strolling the aisle she found the personal massagers...yeah
right she thought. None seemed to have any girth to them
they all looked so thin. Her former toy was thick and had
fake plastic that she thought about it, those
veins gave it..personality. "Excuse me maam".
Dee turned and saw a grey haired woman in a Walgreens vest.
The woman looked like the sweetest old lady you could find.
Dee would not have been surprised if she didn't have
on a "Worlds BEST GRANDMA" button on her vest.
"You know dear they have a much better selection at
the adult book store down the street." "Well
thank you" Dee replied. "But I am not from around
here, I am her on business and don't know where that
store is located".

The kind woman told Dee it ws on Maple street only two blocks
away. Dee thanked the lady. Go figure sometimes you just
can't judge a book by its cover.

Dee entered the store. A person would walk right on by had
they not known it was there. No markings no neon XXX. As Dee
walked in a little bell chimed announcing the arrival of
another potential customer. Ot to the owner another cheap
ass perv lookin for a quick thrill. Instantly several pairs
of eyes looked up from thier skin mags to see who entered.
Now when that little bell rings it generally brings in your
average joe. But tonight it brought in Dee. Dee was not your
average joe. She was a stunning latino woman. Her almond
colored skin and brgiht brown eyes were only out done when
she smiled her award winning smile. Dee had what some people
refer to as great "DSLs" as in great Dick suckin
lips! She loved her body. She was a gifted woman with a great
set of tits.Chewy chocolate nipples that were huge when
he was excited. She had a nice bubble butt and great legs.
Dee was thick and Dee was proud. She thought she might have
some fun tonight with the average joes. She turned to the
man behind the counter. "Excuse me sir, where do you
keep your BIGGEST vibrators"? Dee emphasized biggest
because she knew exactly what was going to cross thier perverted
little minds.

The guy looked up at Dee. "well maam, it would be my
pleasure to show you where the toys are". The guy walked
in front of Dee past the rows of fuck books and on lookers.
"Now this shop don't look like much on the outside,
but we got everything from *$8000.00 real life like fuck
dolls, to $5000.00 Sybian machines with all the attachments
you can think of, if your in the mood for something a little
more discreet we have it". He opened up a steel door
to a well lit room. Lowering his voice he looked Dee straight
in the eye. "In this room you will find all that your
looking for toy wise". "If you came here for
the glory holes they are through that door, but I gotta warn
you what happens here stays here darlin" JOhny law
don't come when called if ya know what I mean".
Dee did know what he meant. She had never been anywhere that
they actually had glory holes. She had seen them in some
of the porn she enjoyed. Dee loved porn her favorite was
watching it while getting some hard cock of her own, or when
she was on a business tri like now she would see what the hotel
had offered. Since she was the lead accountant for the firm
there was no one to question her expense reports. Besides
no one knew she had a dark side.

to be continued part2

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Waiting for part 2

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