Does anyone know...?  

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1/5/2006 8:26 am

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Does anyone know...?

Is there a list of colors for the text? The only colors that I know of are, blue,green,orange,yellow,purple and red.

Also, I would really like to know who is viewing my blog but it only list like two people a day. Now Unless those two people are viewing it like thirty times a piece somethings wrong. The post have a much greater number than number that views the blog on any given day.

One night, Little Johnny went to sleep and dreamt his Uncle Bill died. He woke up and that evening, his dad got a call saying that Uncle Bill died. The next night, Little Johnny went to sleep and dreamt his Aunt Joy died. He woke up, and that evening, his dad got a call saying that Aunt Joy died. He told his daddy, "Two days ago, I had a dream Uncle Bill died, and then yesterday, I had a dream Aunt Joy died. His dad said, "thatís just a coincidence." The next morning he tells his dad, "I had a dream that my dad died." His dad was terrified. He had the worst day at work and took every precaution. He didn'tít eat any of the food in case of food poisoning, and he drove slowly in case of a car wreck. When he finally got home, Little Johnnyís mom asks him how his day at work was. "Much more horrible than your day Iím sure," his dad replied. "I donít know," said his mom, "The milkman dropped dead on the front porch today!

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1/6/2006 4:16 pm

Hilarious! I love that one!

Jak, if you want answers to such questions, I the only place I can think of is Goddessofthedawn's group called bloggers of this friendly site. If you go to the home page and then click on groups, look for that title group and then click join, after that, you post your question and it will be like a blog post and answered by lots of members. That Goddess and sensuallykatey really know their stuff and are super nice to all that need help. It will show on your home page that you're in that group and then whenever you're at the home page, you only have to click on the heading to go there.

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