Christmas Joy?  

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12/10/2005 7:42 pm

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Christmas Joy?

The past two weeks I just have not been feeling the holiday cheer. I didn't feel much like posting until today.
Things that use to make me happy for a few days, the happiness only last a few hours now.
I do not feel like shopping for gifts, I do not even want to go out in public.
I have been avoiding family and my friend,Tresa, since the beginning of November.

Current is a Christmas tree ,so call it one. There is nothing wrong with putting a cross where a loved one has died in a car accident,we have freedom of religion. There is a Manger Scene on my county courthouse property, please leave it alone.I do not mind if others want to display a scene for Hanukka or Kwanzaa or any other religious holiday. Midway Airport needs to put concrete buffers at the end of their runways, that boy died needlessly.

The three Woods' boys, ages 1, 4 and 6, sat in the back seat of the family car, behind their mom and dad, as they headed down Chicago's busy Central Avenue in the depths of a snowstorm Thursday en route to their grandma's house in the Western suburbs.

Joshua Woods, the oldest, sang along to Bruce Springsteen's version of "Santa Claus is Coming to Town" while eating McDonald's. Dad drove, and mom sat next to him, as they were passing Midway Airport.

They heard the roar of jet engines and the children eagerly looked out the window, hoping to see a plane take off.

It didn't. In an instant, the family moment was shattered as a massive Southwest Airlines plane broke through a gray wall next to the road.

"The father looks up, and all he sees is a big jet engine over him, roaring," Ronald Stearney Sr., the family's attorney, said Friday as he painted a picture of the bizarre tragedy.

The car was pinned under the belly of the plane and the smell of fuel was in the air. The father, in his 40s, crawled through his shattered window and desperately began to pull his boys from the back seat. But he couldn't get Joshua.

Minutes later, Chicago firefighters cut into the car with strong tools as snow pelted them and their breath steamed into the air. The father screamed.(By Joseph Ryan Daily Herald Staff Writer Sat Dec 10,10: 09 AM ET)

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