[b] vacation time!!!![/b]  

jagwar169 36M
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3/9/2006 1:21 am
[b] vacation time!!!![/b]

I have the next couple of days off to enjoy philadelphia, do some shopping, catch a movie, and hang with the family! yay!

I'm starting my new job on Monday so I had to use up vacation time for my ongoing warehouse job and let me tell ya, I'm tired and need the break. I remember a recent health meeting for my shift where a representative from a local health firm described proper techniques of lifting to avoid injury. At my age, I'm beginning the downswing of my physical well being so it just seems appropriate to take time off and begin my new career.

In terms of the current Lent season that is upon practicing or, in my case, attempted practicing catholics, I tried to give up masturbation. It goes along the lines of the movies 40 Days and 40 Nights featuring Josh Hartnett and Shannon Sossamon. Good flick... Check it out
Well, that lasted all of a week. It's really hard to stop doing something you like to do, especially when you're single. I'm pretty sure others have tried the aforementioned challenge and that is the only way to simply describe it.. A challenge!

Go ahead and give it a shot. Anyone think they can do that if they're not in a relationship? It's easier said than done. Masturbation is just too addicting to give up. Even for 40 days.

Take care and keep on lovin'!

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