Homecoming... Part I  

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5/10/2006 9:40 pm
Homecoming... Part I

Last weekend started out like any other weekend. Jeff had just returned home from a two week trip. He returned home on Thursday and he slept the jet lag away. Friday, we stayed around the house and were getting caught up on what had happened during the past two weeks. Little did he know, I had planned a surprise for his homecoming.

I told Jeff that I wanted to go out to dinner, just the two of us. He was a little hesitant because he wanted a real home-cooked meal since he hadn't had one in two weeks. I convinced him that I would cook him a great dinner the next night and he agreed.

So the night had arrived and we got dressed up a little nicer than we normally do because Jeff likes to see me dressed up. I had gotten a manicure and pedicure and even went to have some waxing done...wink wink. He really loves that.

I had on a little black skirt and a t-shirt type top that was pretty tight and showed off my breasts. Now to explain a little, I have large breasts with nipples that are constantly hard. You could see them a mile away in this shirt. I also had nothing on under the skirt, and didn't hesitate to tell Jeff that little detail. I had also purchased these little strappy sandals that really showed off my feet. It was all part of a big tease, but one that would pay off well at the end of the night.

When I made my entrance before we left for the evening, Jeff was already hard. He didn't have to tell me, but the bulge in his pants was quite evident. I was loving every minute of it. He walked over and placed his hands on my breasts and just started moaning when I kissed him. I politely removed his hands and told him he had to be patient.

I made reservations at a quaint little restaurant downtown. We ate a great meal and drank some great wine all the while dirty thoughts were flowing through both of our minds, because we were both giggling at different times and that "look" stayed in our eyes. Honestly, after dinner I could have given him the best blow job of his life, but I had some self restraint.

Jeff kept asking what I was up to. And to be honest, I don't have a poker face, so he knew I was up to something. I told him to play along and enjoy the ride. I also told him his patience would pay off if he behaved. I was getting so wet thinking about the possibility of the rest of our evening, and when I get wet....

About a year and a half ago, Jeff and I had our first experience at a swinger's club. We didn't have high expectations, but our night was great. I had my first bi experience and Jeff enjoyed every bit of it. I decided it was time to go back to a swinger's club. Jeff had already figured out where we were going, but he didn't know I had other surprises up my skirt.

We get to the club and check in, get our drinks and survey the other clientele. It was a very busy night at the club and there were so many good looking people. In the club for five minutes and we were already pointing out who we'd "do" if given the opportunity. We ended up drinking a couple of drinks each and headed to the "no clothing" section of the club. The club has a bar/dance floor area where people stay clothed and then there is a section of the club that is intended for sex only opportunities and if you enter, your clothes don't.

We disrobed and entered the back area of the club and immediately started checking our surroundings. On several couches, we saw people making out, other people just conversing, people sizing up the others walking by. After getting another drink, I asked Jeff if he wanted to walk into a private room...for some one-on-one attention. He agreed only if we could "scout" potential candidates to swing with later.

We enter this one private room and the lights were very dim. We start kissing...my tongue is down his throat (it has been two weeks) and he is literally grabbing every part of my body. I start sucking his neck, his chest, nipples and start kissing my way down to his penis. He was so hard and rigid. I slowly moved my tongue from the head of his cock to his balls. Slowly slipped each ball into my mouth and sucked forever. I'm a girl who loves to suck cock and my mouth couldn't get enough. Jeff was holding my head and moaning with my every move. I sucked his balls for some time and jacking him off with my hands. I decided it was time to give his cock my attention. I started kissing his cock...up and down and up and down again. Making sure it was really wet. I stared kissing the head of his cock while my hands were moving up and down on his shaft. Then I slowly started sucking his whole cock, trying to get as much of him inside my mouth. By this time, he's leaning on a wall and I'm at full force sucking his cock. My mouth is dripping onto his shaft and onto his balls. I'm massaging his balls with my hands and all I can do is feel my pussy getting wetter and wetter. Like I said, I love sucking cock and I get so wet when I suck Jeff.

He eventually pulls me up to him and gives me the deepest kiss I've ever had. He tells me that I give the best head, but now it's his turn to go down on me. We find the bed and I lay back. He loves my breasts and sucks each nipple until they are raw. I can't help but moan and grind under him. His hand moves down to my pussy and he moans when he finds how wet I am. He starts to finger me slowly and I start grinding harder. I tell him I want his cock inside me and he tells me to be patient. Seriously, patience is something I don't possess. I start to beg him to fuck me, but he says no. Instead, he moves between my legs and starts to kiss my clit. He knows this drives me crazy. I start to buck under him and he stops...doesn't want me to cum yet (so he says).

He moves his tongue deeper into my pussy and my eyes start to roll into the back of my head. It feels so good. He's fucking my pussy with his tongue and I try to fuck him back and all I can do is cum on his face. I start moaning louder and louder and he knows I'm having my first orgasm of the night. He starts to kiss my inner thighs and tells me the night has just begun, but little did he know what I had in store for him.

He was on top of me, kissing my neck and was about to put his cock inside me and I stopped him. I told him to turn around. His look was questionable, but he did it anyway. I had brought some candles in the room and lit them. They were small, but gave enough light to let Jeff see that we weren't alone in the room. There was another couple who had been there all along, watching and listening to us.

The couple was one that I had met online and exchanged some pics with while Jeff was gone. I had several conversations with them about things that turned them on and thought this would be a good opportunity to meet in person. Turns out, the couple was very bi-curious and was willing to make the next step.

We said our hellos and made introductions. She was Anne and his name was Brent. Anne wanted to have her first bi experience and I was more than willing to help her do that. Everyone made their way to the bed and Anne and I started kissing. We felt each other up and from the corner of my eye, I could see the guys rubbing their cocks. Anne was so hot, she had long brown hair and smoothe skin...her pussy was shaven and from where I sat, she was also very wet. I started kissing her nipples and squeezing her breasts...I love the fact that they were natural. I made sure I sucked both breasts and hearing her moan was a huge turn on. I moved my hand down to her pussy and started to rub her clit. She was loving it. I looked up to her to see her face and her eyes were shut and her head was tilted backwards. I decided to see what would happen if I made my way down between her legs. I kissed her stomach and thighs and licked the outside of her pussy lips.

I looked over to Jeff for his approval and he smiled a sly little smile...so I turned my attention back to Anne. I ran my tongue down between her lips and then started kissing each of her pussy lips. She was moaning and running her fingers in my hair. I spread her lips and sucked her clit, just as Jeff had done to mine only minutes ago. She seemed to like it as much as I did. I kept my mouth locked on her clit and fingered her pussy until her breath was quick and loud. I then replaced my fingers with my tongue and started to fuck her pussy with my tongue. She was loving it and kept telling me to do more...then I felt hands near my pussy. Rubbing my thighs and touching my lips. I opened my legs slightly and allowed access. I decided to look behind me and saw Jeff and Brent on the opposide sides of me and they each had a hand on me, caressing me, rubbing my pussy...but their other hands were on each other. What a sight. I instantly got wetter than I had been. Jeff and Brent were jacking each other off...slowly but full strokes.

Anne on the other hand wanted me to fully focus on her pussy, she grabbed my head and buried me back into her pussy and I loved every bit of it. I could hear Jeff ask if Anne was enjoying herself and she said yes.

I was in complete ecstacy and about the time I reached down to masturbate, Anne started bucking and rocking back and forth. She pulled my face up to hers and gave me a kiss and thanked me for a wonderful experience. I looked behind me and I saw Jeff being sucked by Brent. I was in awe. I could only smile and Jeff had his eyes closed and was definitely enjoying himself. I got off the bed and got behind Jeff and kissed his back and neck asking if he was having a good time. He moaned and I took that as a "yes".

Anne was whispering to Brent and he stopped sucking Jeff long enough to kiss Anne and let her suck Jeff for a minute. Then, she and Brent were sucking Jeff together. I was so hot and ready to cum. I asked Jeff if he would like to get me off and he said he wanted to try our latest fantasy.

After getting my ass lubed up, I sat on Jeff's cock, letting it slide into my ass. It felt so great. I was bouncing so hard on his cock. I wanted to cum at that very moment. Brent started licking my pussy and I was in heaven. To top it off, Anne stradled my face and I fucked her pussy with my tongue which is my fav position. Jeff was holding onto my breasts and every once in a while, would reach down to my pussy only to have Brent push his hands away. Jeff finally told Brent to fuck my pussy and he entered me with a thrust that sent me over the edge. I felt my whole body shudder and tingle. I had the best orgasm in my life. When it was over, Brent brought his cock up to mine and Jeff's faces. We both sucked him until Jeff came. Anne decided it was time to get fucked by a cock and Jeff and I watched as Brent fucked her pussy until they both screamed in unisom.

We all just laid there afterwards. Jeff and I kissed and giggled for a while. Anne and Brent said their goodbye's and later on Jeff asked how I set this up. I told him there were some things I wanted to surprise him with and if he wanted more, he would have to trust me....

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