Homecoming... Part 6  

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5/30/2006 6:37 pm

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Homecoming... Part 6

After Steph came, she lifted herself off my cock. Her wetness reflected on my cock. Still between my legs, you immediately licked her jucies off my cock. It felt so damn good. It took all I had not to come again. While you continued to clean me, Steph kissed me deeply. Wanting to return the favor, Steph urged you to climb onto my cock while she replaced you. You had that sexy grin on your face as you stood and then lowered yourself onto me. Our eyes never parted. As I entered you, your eyes rolled. You were so damn wet. You then leaned forward and kissed me deeply. I could taste Steph's come on your tongue. It was so sweet.

Steph knelt between my legs and behind your ass. She watched intently as you rode my cock slowly. She rubbed her hands down your back, across your ass, and down your legs. Every once in a while she leaned forward to kiss your ass very gently. She definitely was enjoying the show before her. Urging her on, you leaned back and told Steph to play with our asses. Eager to please, she immediately began to oblige. First, she gently ran her wet finger tips across your asshole. Ever so slightly, she teased it. Instinctively, you leaned back hoping she would penetrate you. After a few minutes, she directed her attention to my balls and ass. Still wet from your efforts, she rubbed two fingers on the entrance to my ass. My ass prepared for her. While doing this, she leaned forward and licked the spot where my cock entered your pussy. Getting her tounge nice and wet, she ran it up the crack of your ass... stopping at your asshole. She drove us crazy.

Meanwhile, on the bed... Anne, Brent and Alan had positioned themselves into a double penetration of Anne. She was loving every minute of it. Alan was on his back with Anne riding, facing him. Brent was behind her pounding her ass. The view from the couch was mezmerizing. Anne began to scream that she was coming. There was no way the hotel room next to us did not hear her. Brent pulled out in time for us to see Anne's juices run down Alan's cock. It was so hot.

Brent stood up and walked over to Steph to admire her work on us. At this point, Steph has worked a finger in each of our asses and was licking anything she could reach. Looking over your shoulder, I saw Steph stand up and Brent take her place. We both felt his hands, his tongue, his breath take over right where Steph left off. After a few minutes, Brent stood up and leaned forward. We felt him rub his cockhead down the crack of your ass, down my cock and around my balls. The head was so soft. Feeling myself about to come, I removed my cock from your pussy to keep from doing so. Wanting to keep your aroused state, I leaned forward, grabbed your ass and spread your pussy offering it to Brent. He immediately lunged forward and impaled your pussy in one swift stroke. You nearly came. As Brent fucked you from behind, you feverishly played with your clit. Rubbing on your hand at the same time, was my cock as it laid on my belly. I slowly removed your hand and replaced your fingers with my cockhead. I rubbed it over your clit as Brent fucked you from behind. You were going crazy. Looking back at Brent with lust in your voice and eyes, you told him to put his cock in your ass. Without a word, he pulled out and pressed against your ass. With slight pressure, it slid right in. It felt so good. Looking back down at me, you told me to fuck your pussy. With a slight adjustment, my cockhead was against your pussy lips. I could feel Brent's balls against mine. This also felt so good. I entered you slowly and you screamed. After only a few moments you came and came.

After coming back to earth, Brent pulled out of your ass and stood. You stood up as well. I thought you were ready to take a break. Instead, you turned away from me and sat on my cock. Again, you were still wet. Your legs on the outside of mine, you leaned way forward and rode me for a minute. I had a beautiful view of your recently fucked ass. It looked great. After that short minute, you invited Brent back over to stand in front of you. While still riding my cock, you and Brent lifted my legs off the floor, exposing my ass. You reached down and caressed my balls and ass. Still wet from the earlier attention, you placed one finger in my ass. Ensuring my ass was wet and ready, you grabbed Brent's cock and urged him forward. First, you rubbed his cock on my cock and balls. It felt great. Then, you placed his cockhead on my ass. Making sure he was also wet, you rubbed his cockhead around my ass in small circles. My ass immediately responded anticipating what was next. Brent leaned forward and his head popped into my ass. I moaned... so did you. You could feel my cock grow larger in your pussy. Sitting still for a minute, you admired the view before you and ran your fingers and hands over our cocks. Brent then began slow movements... moving in and out. Each stroke was a little deeper. You asked how I liked it. I could only moan. Soon, Brent has worked up a good rythym. You couldn't move because you were so mezmerized by the sight of a cock going into my ass. You removed yourself from my cock and reached forward to caress Brent's balls. This was too much for him as he announced he was going to come. Pulling from my ass, he took his cock in his hand and proceeded to come all over my balls and cock as you watched in amazement. You rubbed each and every drop around using his juices to stroke me. This was too much for me. While you continued to stroke me, I came all over my chest and belly. The waves of orgasm seemed to go on forever. I opened my eyes to see that same sexy grin on your face.

SeXyJeepCpl35s 41M/38F

12/31/2006 1:47 pm

WOW, very hot, and well written.

mefor1ormore 48M

8/16/2009 6:54 am

WOW, all I can say is WOW! I would certainly love to have been a part of this!!!!

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