Homecoming... Part 4  

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5/18/2006 8:58 pm
Homecoming... Part 4

At the suggestion of "your turn", the guys all looked at each other waiting to see who would make the first move. I stood up with my cock standing at attention. Brent and Alan slowly stood up also. As we made our way to the bed and the ladies to the couch, we each caressed, squeezed and fondled one another as we passed. Anne even qucikly kneeled down to lick each cock as it went by.

Each of the guys laid down on the bed side by side. The ladies sat next to each other on the couch. All naked and aroused. The guys each slowly stroked their cocks. Each were hard and yearning for attention. Alan was the first to make a move. Unbeknownst to us, he had bi experiences before. I was laying next to Brent as Alan knelt before us. Urging us to the edge of the bed, Alan grabbed each of our cocks. Once situated, he slowly stroked and adimred each cock in his hand. Without removing either hand, he leaned over and licked my cock head. It felt so good. He did it a few more times before switching his attention to Brent. He did the same to Brent. When Alan felt the teasing was enough, he took Brent's cock into his mouth and Brent gasped loudly. I looked over at the couch and each of the women were now gently fondling and caressing their breasts and pussies; each watching the scene intently.

After a few minutes of sucking Brent, Alan shifted his attention to my cock. He released Brent's cock and used his free hand to squeeze my balls. He slowly licked up and down my shaft. He was damn good. Almost as good as you. Brent stood up, cock in hand. First he stood next to Alan and rubbed his cock on Alan's shoulder and arm... yearning for attention. Alan was focused on my cock, but enjoyed having Brent's cock on him. Not to be denied, Brent crawled up on the bed and knelt before my head. He offered his cock to me. Instinctively, I took it in my hand. I admired its shape and feel as it was only inches from my face. It was so hard and so hot. The head looked so large and delicious.

I looked over at the couch again. The ladies were getting quite worked up. They were kissing and still fondling one another. Anne's fingers were buried into your pussy. You were kissing Steph but had your eyes locked on me. We made eye contact and I could see the passion in your eyes. Without looking away from your eyes, I licked Brent's cock head. You moaned and your eyes rolled. You wanted to come right there. I licked again. You moaned again. I licked the length of Brent's shaft starting at his balls. Brent moaned with you.

When Brent nor I could not take it any more, I took his head into my mouth. I kept it there and swirled my tounge around and around. It tasted so good. Brent moaned louder. Never removing his cock head, I began to stoke his shaft at the same time.

Little did I notice that Alan had stopped sucking me and stood by the bed watching me suck my first cock. Alan stroked himself as he admired the scene. He asked Brent to lay down on his back. We all rearranged and I went back to attending to Brent. Alan stood above Brent and asked him if he would like to suck his cock. Brent moaned his approval. Alan squatted down and offered his balls to Brent. Brent stuck his tounge out as Alan rubbed his balls over Brent's face. After his balls were all wet, Alan stuck his cock in Brent's mouth. All the women moaned their approval. Alan proceeded to fuck Brent's mouth for a few minutes. I continued to work on Brent too. All the while my cock ached for attention. I stepped back to watch the show and joined you on the couch. I was almost mobbed as I sat down. We soon settled in to continue watching Brent and Alan.

After sucking, Alan removed his cock from Brent's mouth. Still squatting over Brent, Alan offered his balls again. Brent eagerly accepted. Alan rocked back and forth. Brent stuck his tounge out and let Alan do the work. Realizing Brent had his tounge out, Alan rocked back and rubbed his ass on Brent's tounge. He rode it like a small cock.

Not able to stand it any more, Anne got up and impaled herself on Brent's cock. They moaned in unisome. Brent continued to keep his tounge at attention while Alan rode it. Spinning around to face Anne, Alan never let his ass off Brent's tounge. Anne immediately grabbed Alan's cock. It was so hard, it was red in color. Having enough, Alan stood up and feed his cock to Anne. Like her husband, she eagerly took it in her mouth and sucked for all she was worth.

Meanwhile, sitting on the couch between you and Steph, I placed my hand on your pussies. They were soak and wet. I looked you in the eye. There was a devlish grin on your face. Something was up your sleeve...

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