Homecoming... Part 2  

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5/11/2006 10:56 pm

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Homecoming... Part 2

(Jeff writing)

We continued to hang at the club for a while... with Anne and Brent. Relax, watch others enjoy themselves and lightly play with one another. At one point, we go to the common area and are able to get onto one of the back beds near the indoor pool. There is another couple on the other bed.

You and Anne begin sucking me and Brent. We lay on our backs and just enjoy it. People slowly walk by and take it in. A few stop for a few minutes before they continue on. Many of them moan under their breath how hot the scene looks. Brent and I are rock hard and playing with each of your pussies.

During all of this and without our noticing, the other couple invited Anne over to their bed. She stood up and walked over leaving us with Brent. Anne and the other couple began caressing one another and exploring their bodies while watching us. What they were watching was Brent immediately shift his cock right next to mine. You looked beautiful as you immediately took his cock in your other hand and started stroking it. You rubbed our heads together and licked them at the same time. When they were all wet, you rubbed each of your nipples. This continued for a while and you continually played a game of rubbing our cocks together as much as possible. It felt and looked great.

Anne and the other couple had had enough. They joined us on the bed and I went between your legs. I plunged my cock into your soaking wet pussy. You continued to suck Brent. The new guy of our crowd easied his way up to your head. Again, without hesitation, you grabbed his cock and began the same routine as before. Only this time, I was fucking you and my face was inches above yours as you sucked both of these cocks. I could smell the sex. I could hear your lips and tounge working its magic on each cock. The guys were moaning their approval of your skills. Every so often, you would take a free cock with your hands and offer it to me. I would lick the head and suck it for a moment before you took it away. You continued to alternate between the two.

Anne and her new friend we busy playing with one another and watching the scene before them. At the same time, a small audience had gathered around the bed. Some were stroking or playing with themselves or playing with others. None of them taking their eyes off of the action.

After a few moments, you came wildly and bucked all over the bed. It was such an erotic scene hearing you, watching you as you came and came. Anne and her friend came with you.

Luckily, each of the guys were barely able to save themselves from coming. Lucky because the club was closing and it was time to take the party back to the hotel room.

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