Hi! Wanna f*ck?  

jagnawn 46M/46F
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3/25/2006 8:09 pm

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1/2/2007 8:15 pm

Hi! Wanna f*ck?

Can you imagine walking up to someone and saying that?

We're amazed how open and forward people are behind e-mail and chat. Don't get us wrong, we're the same way (maybe not THAT forward!). But within minutes of chatting, it's crazy how many intimate details people are willing to just put out there.

Man, we love the internet! Al Gore deserves a Nobel Prize.

jpaulghetto 54M/52F  
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1/2/2007 11:00 am

Not only can we imagine it but we have tried our best to reach you so we can say it to you two. Ok I'm slightly joking but we do agree it is amazing how forward people feel in this forum. Don't get me wrong it's the main reason we are here is that it affords us the opportunity to meet and converse with like minded people, and unless the questions are posed the answerers may never be forth coming. My wife read me all you stories and normally I don't get into erotic stories but she read them with such enthusiasm and animation that I was so totally aroused that we fucked right there on the spot. Fact or fiction truth or fantasy the words that are chosen to entice inspire and invite another should be well chosen and strategically placed in the conversation. Some get offended or turned off or what ever, but we feel the best time to discover that you have not made a match is before you waste the time energy and expense of meeting.
So if we offend although it was unintentional it was also inevitable and the quicker you know the quicker we both move on.
Love your erotica and we are waiting for the next one.

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