the great outdoors  

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the great outdoors

Jade yawned and stretched, shifting uncomfortably in the passenger seat of the truck. They had been driving over three hours now, and it wasn't even 9:00am. On a lot of Saturday mornings, Jade wouldn't even be awake at 9:00am. "I really can't believe I let you talk me into this," she said to him. "Sweetheart, trust me," he said with a smile, "you're gonna love camping. There's just something about nature..." "Yeah, the bugs and the wild animals," Jade replied. "Come on, did I complain when you took me to that French movie where they sat and ate fondue for two hours?" he asked. "Yes, and you're still complaining," Jade shot back. He smiled, and rested his hand on Jade's upper thigh. "Okay, but I didn't do any complaining last night, did I?" Now Jade had to smile - last night had been incredible.
She had been splayed out across the bed, wearing just her crouch less fishnet cat suit, while he had brought her to an incredible orgasm, his tongue flicking ever so gently at her clit while his thumb, deep inside her pussy, rotated over her G-spot. Jade had returned the favor, sucking and licking he's nice fat cock for a good ten minutes, then sliding it into herself and riding him for ten minutes more. Their mouths locked onto each others, they came simultaneously, Jade collapsing down on him, neither wanting, or able, to move, as they drifted off into a sound sleep.
"Yeah, that was some session," Jade said. "And the best part was, when we were finished, we fell asleep in a nice, soft, warm bed, with a frigging roof over our heads." he removed his hand from Jade's thigh, and switched on the radio. "Maybe a little music would make the ride go quicker," he said as he found a rock station.
Jade and he stayed silent for a few miles, but she wasn't really mad, and soon they were back to be being themselves. They chatted, caught up on things, stopped for a nice lunch at a cute 1950's style diner they spotted. For one thing, it was just great to get some time outside of Rapid City. And as they went through the gate into the park ground, Jade even admitted that this camping trip might not be such a bad idea after all. "It is gorgeous out here," she said. "Not as gorgeous as it is in here," he said, looking into Jade's beautiful green eyes. Jade smiled, then leaned over and gave him a gentle kiss. "We're gonna have a great time, lover," she said.
He did a fine job of navigating to their campsite, a lovely secluded little area deep in the camp grounds. He unpacked the tent, sleeping bags, food, and other supplies he'd brought along, and began setting everything up. As he was inflating an air mattress, Jade asked, "You want me to do that?" "Nah, you can save your blowing for later," he replied. That drew a wry smile from Jade.
Once they were set up, he suggested a nice, easy hike - a stroll really - through the nearby hills. "Forget easy," said Jade. "We're here. If we're gonna do it, let's do it right." "Okay," said he, "I knew you'd take to this." And off they went, following a more rigorous, but more rewarding path, up higher and higher into the heavily forested hills. The trail was narrow, and though normally he would allow a lady to go first, hiking etiquette called for him to lead the way. Jade enjoyed the chance to admire he's terrific form, and think about what a strong, sexy guy he was. Oh yeah, and he has definitely got the best ass in the world.
He and Jade finally reached the crest of the hill, and stopped to take it the magnificent view below them. "It's absolutely breathtaking," Jade said. "Yeah, and shortness of breath inducing," replied he, who was laboring to catch his. Jade smiled; she seemed to be handling the great outdoors a bit better than him.
A large rock afforded them a place to rest, he sitting down first, Jade sliding onto his lap. He wrapped his arms around her, and held tight, as they continued to relish the view... and each other. A cool, gentle breeze blew over them, spreading the strong pine scent, and the sun baked their faces. He began to nuzzle Jade's neck, sending a chill down her spine. She pushed back hard against him, wriggling a bit on his crotch, and getting the blood flowing down there. He slid a hand inside Jade's shirt, and began to lightly stroke her breast, circling the nipple and making it harden.
Jade spotted a hawk circling effortlessly in the sky above them. "Ooh, I think he's watching us," she said. "Good," replied he, as he licked Jade's neck up to her ear. "Like when your pet cat stares at us." "Oh, that turns you on?" Jade asked, chuckling. "Sure, you know what an exhibitionist I am," he said, now beginning to tongue Jade's ear. More chills went down her spine, and she began to earnestly grind against he's hardening cock. "Um, what's that I feel back there?" she said playfully. "I don't know, must be the result of all this clean fresh air," he said with a laugh.
Jade disengaged herself from him, turned around, and got down on her knees in front of him. She reached out and began to unbuckle his belt, followed a moment later by opening and unzipping his jeans. "Sweetheart, we'll have plenty of time back at the campsite..." he said. "Shhh," Jade replied, reaching into he's underwear to free his straining cock. "You just enjoy the view." Enjoy the view - that gave him two very distinct options, both incredibly appealing,: the beautiful natural vistas surrounding him on all sides, or his gorgeous lover running her tongue along his cock, holding it, stroking it, engulfing the head in her mouth. Basically, he split the difference, spending time viewing each.
Jade loved sucking he's dick. She loved the taste of it (okay, maybe not quite as much as chocolate), and the feel of it, and the way it reacted to the various stimuli she gave it. But most of all she loved giving he pleasure. That was the biggest turn-on to her, knowing how wonderful she was making him feel. And by the gentle moans emanating from him now, she knew she was doing well. Jade continued to lick up and down the underside of the shaft, alternating between strong stokes, and just gentle tickles. Then she sucked the head of his dick for a moment, swirling her tongue and making him moan more urgently. She could feel his cock twitch every so often, and knew the pressure was building.
As his hips began to involuntarily press forward, he focused his attention on Jade. Gently holding her head, covered by her fabulous blonde hair, he whispered, "Oh God, you are so good at that..." Which was music to Jade's ears. Jade began to stroke him with her hand now, all the saliva she'd left on the shaft serving as a wonderful lubricant. Her mouth over the head of his cock, she worked her hand up and down, twisting it to add to he's sensations. She knew that he loved this more than anything. Now his hips began to really buck. She stroked faster, and sucked harder. He began to breath hard, and let out little grunts. Jade held on tight with both her mouth and hand, and as he pulled back, she knew he was right there. And then he came, exploding with a forceful grunt, the come flowing out in long, strong spurts. When they subsided, Jade grasped and pulled her hand all the way up to the very tip, squeezing out any remaining come. Then she looked up at him, his brown eyes just now regaining their focus. "How was that?" she asked. "Unbelievable," he replied. "Now what can I do for you?" Though her clit was buzzing and her pussy was quite wet, Jade shook her head. "Like you said, we'll have plenty of time back at the campsite," she replied.
Back at the campsite, the fire was now roaring, as Jade and he sat close to it, and each other, to warm themselves in the chill air. They were finishing devouring the dinner he had prepared, a feat for which Jade was both thankful and impressed. "How in the world did you pull off making a dinner like this?" she asked. "We're out in the middle of nowhere, and you cook up steakes for me, and burgers for yourself?" "Just because we're out in nature doesn't mean it's got to be primitive," he observed, taking sip of his water. "You need a refill of your water?" he asked.
Jade shook her head, then tipped it back to look at the sky. "My God," she said, "the sky, the stars out here - it's just incredible." The cold, clear night air, the starry sky and full moon, the warm fire, the great food and drink, and, most importantly, the love of her life, all combined to make this a magical moment.
Later, he finished putting out the fire, and straightening up the campsite. It was time to retire to their tent. He held the flap open for Jade, inviting her in. "I'm sorry it's not a suite at the Ritz-Carlton," he said. Said Jade: "There's nothing we could do at a Ritz that we can't do here, and this is a whole lot cheaper." "You know," said he, "I really like how you think." They smiled at each other, then kissed passionately, tongues lightly playing against each others, then pressing together. After a few moments, they broke the kiss.
Crawling into the tent, Jade and he got situated on the zipped together sleeping bags atop the inflated air mattress. There was no light in the tent, but the moon was bright enough to create a slight glow inside. Each removed their own boots and socks, then reached over to help the other disrobe. As she unbuttoned he's shirt, Jade remarked, "You know, you look hot in jeans and flannel. Maybe not quite as sexy as nothing, but damn good." "Thanks," said he, helping Jade out of her shirt. Unable to help himself, he leaned forward and began to lick and kiss and fondle her exposed breasts. Jade ran her fingers through he's brown hair as he alternated his attention between her fabulous tits, and then he began to drag his tongue southward. Oh yeah, Jade thought, I can't wait to feel his tongue down there again. They both began working on Jade's pants, finally succeeding in yanking them and her panties off. She lay completely naked now, legs spread wide, on top of the satiny sleeping bag, as he resumed his approach to her pussy.
He loved licking Jade. It drove her so crazy, made her buck and moan and grunt and then finally cum. She is such an incredible lover, he thought, a great giver, and receiver, of pleasure. Add to that her personality, her looks, her figure, her unbelievable eyes, and she was everything he could want in his life. So it may have seemed strange that he would torture her now by bypassing her pussy with his tongue and continuing down to her inner thighs, but he was only doing it to increase her ultimate pleasure. After a moment, he began to bring his tongue back up. He used his finger to spread her pussy lips, finding the whole area already quite wet.
Jade had been drenched since she'd blown him during their hike, and was now dying to feel his tongue on her pussy. At first it was a light little flick down at her opening, then a little firmer, and then he finally pushed his tongue into her, as deeply as he could. It was unbelievable, sending a wave of pleasure through Jade's groin, as she let out a moan. Ever so slowly he removed his tongue, taking special care to swirl it against the very sensitive area just inside Jade's pussy. Then he dragged it up her slit, toward her clit. And when he ever so lightly touched his tongue to her love button, little jolts of electricity flowed through her. He began to swirl his tongue around her clit, and she began to gasp. The pleasure was almost unbearable. "Oh God," she moaned. "I need you in me, now. Please. I've gotta have your cock in me."
he was quite happy doing what he was doing, but he couldn't turn down a demand like that. He fumbled to get his pants open, finally freeing his rigid cock. He pushed his jeans and underwear down, never quite getting them all the way off. In the meantime, Jade turned herself over, and got up on all fours. "Do me this way," she gasped. "I want to feel you all the way in." She reached back between her legs to grasp he's cock, and lined the head up with her drenched, pulsating hole. He could feel the delicious warmth on the head of his cock. He leaned forward, and was instantly buried in her to the hilt.
Jade brought her hand slightly forward, and began to rub her clit. She started humping back against he, and he soon fell into rhythm with her, pushing in and out of her pussy with long, hard strokes. He could feel her pussy grasping and releasing him as he slid effortlessly in and out of her warm wetness. For Jade, he's cock was like a piston of pleasure, filling her time and time again, each stroke warmer and more pleasant than the last. Her clit was on fire, sending waves of pleasure through her torso and down her thighs. She was moaning wildly now, breathing hard. And getting very close.
He, having had that blow job a while back, was not as close as he might have been otherwise. And he wanted to take advantage - for Jade's sake. He pulled almost all the way out of Jade, and then plunged completely in. Over and over, deeper and deeper with each long, hard stroke. He could feel Jade's pussy grasping him harder know, and heard her breathing get more ragged and her moans get more urgent. He picked up his pace, knowing it would tip her over the edge. And then she started to cum, bucking against him, grunting, out of her mind. But he stayed in control.
Jade was seeing stars again - this time inside the tent. The orgasm had torn through her, waves of pleasure sweeping from her pussy up through her torso and down the backs of her bent legs, as her muscles grasped he's cock, buried deep within her. For a moment, she had no idea where she was... other than in heaven. And then, finally, out of breath, she began to come down from the experience. But something was a bit different, not the norm. "Did you come?" Jade asked. "No," he answered. "I wanna keep going. I want you to come again." "I don't know if I can," Jade said breathlessly. He began to gently work his cock in and out again, slowly, as he said "Try."
he continued the gentle strokes, as Jade took a moment to gather herself. Her fingers, which had come off her clit, returned to the vicinity. It was so sensitive now, but she began to apply very light pressure to the surrounding tissues. He picked up the pace. He knew she was into it when he heard her breathing change back to the way it had just been. His strokes got longer, and now her moans got deeper. Having held off through her previous orgasm, he was really close. Grabbing Jade by her flanks, he went into overdrive, pounding her from behind, in long, hard strokes, his pelvis thrusting against her ass. "Oh God, oh God, oh God," she screamed as the pressures in her core returned and began to build again. He felt the pressures, too, as the incredible sensations built in his cock, fighting the urge as he continued to thrust into Jade. All the way in, then all the way out, all the way in, all the way out, both of the lovers grunting forcefully each time he's cock hit bottom.
One more stroke, just one more, hold off for one more, he thought. Here it comes, here it comes, here it comes, Jade thought, her fingers a blur on her clit. And then it passed the point of inevitability for them both. With a simultaneous "ahhhhhh" they each exploded, he's cock spurting powerful streams of come, Jade's clit shooting electricity through her torso, her pussy clamping like a vise on he's rod. Jade collapsed forward onto the sleeping bag, the air mattress cushioning her and he, who, clutching her tightly, rode down on top of her. Both were out of breath, both completely wiped out by what they'd just experienced. Neither spoke. They just lay like this, as close as two people could be, both physically and spiritually, listening to the sounds of nature: their beating hearts, their deep breaths, and the beautiful music of the peaceful outdoors that surrounded them.

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wow. good to hear of a woman who still enjoys getting her pussy licked.

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Nice, Jade, you know what I like!

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Jade, A very lovely and stiring story. You have a way with words among other things. Its nice to see someone with a terrific mind.

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