A Midnight Snack  

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A Midnight Snack

It was a warm night, about two in the morning, when (name) Bob suddenly awoke. He glanced over at the sleeping form of (name) Jade, and what a sight she was. A slight smile on her face, her blonde hair framing her beautiful face as it lay on her pillow, her luscious body covered by just a thin sheet, her gentle breathing coming out as soft purrs. Bob thought back to a few hours earlier, when he and Jade had made passionate love, caught up in the rhythm of the music that played on the stereo. God, this woman is hot, Bob thought. Just thinking about her, how great she feels, and how incredible she looks in her black teddy made the hard-on he woke up with swell even more.
But another sensation was competing with Bob's horniness: hunger. Even after stuffing himself last night with chocolate, he was famished. Bob crept from the bed, put on his robe, and started for the kitchen.
Bob flipped on the light, and offered a hello to his pet cat, looking surprised to have his space invaded at this time of the night. Okay, okay, Bob thought, what to eat, what's gonna hit the spot? Bob checked the refrigerator, and noticed some of Jade's leftover sandwich. Nah, she may love me, but she'll kill me if I eat that. He checked the freezer. There we go chocolate ice cream. I'll make a sundae.
Bob had just finished gathering all the ingredients - ice cream, fudge, whipped cream, nuts, and cherries - when he heard a soft "ahem." He turned, and there was Jade standing in the kitchen doorway, totally naked, her green eyes sparkling. "What's all this?" she said with a smile. "I woke up hungry," Bob replied. "I guess I wasn't fully satisfied after last night." "I hope you're talking about dinner, and not what came after," Jade said slyly. "Absolutely," Bob said, unable to take his eyes off of her naked form, particularly her eyes.
"I'm feeling a little less than satisfied myself," Jade said. "And it has nothing to do with my stomach. So why don't you take off your robe." Never one to pass up an invitation like that, He happily complied. Now it was Jade's turn to stare at her man. I've never known another man with as great a smile as him, Jade thought. And there is nobody hotter when he wears just his nothing. Bob, under Jade's watchful gaze, felt his cock begin to rise again. "Of course, I don't want to deprive you of your little snack," Jade said. "But maybe there's a way we can both get what we want." Bob’s blue eyes lit up in anticipation.
Bob quickly cleared off the large stainless steel table in the center of the kitchen, and Jade hopped up onto it. Then she lay back, any man placing a folded up kitchen towel behind her head as a makeshift pillow. "You're so thoughtful," Jade said, pulling him down for a gentle kiss. "My pleasure," Bob replied, as he began to kiss Jade's neck, then her collar bone, then down to the tops of her breasts. Jade ran her hand through Bob's thick brown hair.
Bob opened the carton of ice cream, and applied a small scoop to each of Jade's nipples. "That's cold," Jade said with a giggle. But the giggle turned to a sigh as Bob's tongue found first her left nipple, and then her right, lapping up the ice cream with a circular motion. Bob continued to gently flick his tongue across each nipple, long after the frozen delight had been consumed. Jade felt the tingle run down from her nipples to her clit. Her pussy was dampening rapidly. Jade reached out to grasp Bob's hard cock, and began to pump it slowly, playing her thumb along the underside.
Bob opened the jar of fudge, and scooped some out with his fingers. He smeared a line of it onto Jade’s belly, from just below her breasts, all the way to just above her pubic triangle. Then he slowly, lovingly, began to lick his way southward. Jade's legs just parted on their own accord. Her hips began to rock subtly. God, she wanted his tongue down there. Her clit began to buzz in anticipation. Jade shifted her hold on Bob's cock, and began to fondle his balls. "Thanks for reminding me," Bob said, "I almost forgot the nuts." Bob added a few of the toasted almond pieces to the chocolate, and continued to lick his way toward Jade's now steaming pussy.
Finally Bob's tongue reached the top fringe of Jade's soft downy bush. Bob had to move around to the end of the table to fully minister to Jade's pussy, so she had to reluctantly let go of his cock. Bob looked into his woman's gorgeous crevice, and then got an idea. Holding up the jar of cherries, he asked, "Would you mind?" "Go ahead, anything," she said breathlessly. Bob took a cherry out of the jar, and then very gently placed it at the opening of Jade's pussy. Using his thumb, he easily pushed it into her. Oooohhhh, she sighed, as she was penetrated. And the sighs turned to groans as Bob skillfully moved his thumb against her g-spot as he slid it from her canal. Bob repeated the procedure twice more. Then, he sensuously drizzled some of the maraschino juice into Jade's already sopping slit. Jade shivered as the cool, sticky syrup hit her clit. Bob brought his face to her pussy, extended his tongue, and began to gently, carefully, play it along the edges of her lips. Up one side, over the top, then down the other side, purposefully avoiding her clit. Jade was groaning now, and thrusting her hips. At the bottom, Bob pushed his tongue into her pussy, and used it to move the cherries around. "Ohhh God," Jade sighed. "This tastes so good," any man said breathlessly. "I'd rather drink this than water." "Just do it, please," Jade moaned. "I wanna come soooo bad." But Bob wanted to tease Jade just a little more. Bob lowered his mouth to Jade's gaping pussy hole, and slowly, gently, he began a slight suction. He pulled out first one, then two, and then finally the third cherry, Jade letting out a gasp as each one escaped. She was breathing so hard now she couldn't speak.
Bob knew what he had to do. Slowly, languorously, he began to slide his tongue up Jade's slit, making the lightest contact he possibly could. And finally, finally, the tip of his tongue reached its target: her clit. Jade let out her loudest groan yet, and jammed herself against his tongue. She began to buck her hips wildly - he just held his tongue firm and let her set the pace. She was out of her mind with passion, low rumbles, emanating from her throat. "Oh God, oh God, oh God," she gasped, her breathing more ragged. And then, her whole body tensing, her clit pressed hard against his tongue, Jade exploded with a scream, followed by a long, satisfied, exhalation. Bob didn't move his tongue from its position, as Jade slowly lowered her ass back down onto the table.
"Oh baby, that was incredible," Jade said. "You gotta let me return the favor." Bob moved around to the side of the table, Jade reaching out to grasp his hard cock as soon as it was within range. "Gimme that thing," Jade said, rolling over to quickly engulf the head in her mouth. "Ohhh," Bob moaned, as he felt himself immersed in her warm wetness, her tongue swirling on the sensitive patch below the head. Releasing him from her mouth after a moment, Jade said, "Now it's my turn." She grabbed the jar of chocolate fudge with her free hand, and then dipped his cock in it. She withdrew it, and admired the way the head now wore a chocolate hat. She added a couple spurts of whipped cream to the shaft, and then began to hungrily devour her "con-cock-tion." Jade swirled her tongue around any man's shaft to remove the whipped cream, then moved up to engulf his head. "Umm, I love this kind of 'cock'-tail," Jade said. "Even more than water." All he could do was moan with pleasure.
"All right, enough taking in calories," Jade said, releasing his cock. "It's time to work some off." he moved back around to the end of the table. He reached out and helped pull Jade toward himself, her ass just barely on the edge of the table, her pussy open and pushed forward. He touched his cock to Jade's wet, warm, slit, and teased her by running the head up and down it. His cock wet from her saliva, her crevice soaked from her juices, it slid delightfully all the way up to her clit, then down to her opening. Up again, then down. Then, finally, holding it right at her pussy, He leaned forward while Jade pushed forward, and instantly he was in her to the hilt. They both let out long gasps of pleasure. "Oh God," Jade moaned, tightening her pussy muscles on his cock. "You are so huge." "And you are so tight," he gasped.
He could have used another moment to get control of himself, but Jade began to thrust against his cock. "Come on," Jade said. "Give it to me. Right now." he began to thrust with her. Standing on the floor, his hands clasping Jade's sides, He pulled himself almost all the way out, then pushed his cock all the way in. Out to the very edge of her pussy lips, then deep back inside. His cock was engulfed in her warm, grasping wetness. Jade felt like each thrust was splitting her open, his cock driving deeply, and comfortingly, into her core. They each let out loud groans with every thrust. Their pace picked up, their moaning grew louder.
Jade reached into the jar of chocolate fudge, and smeared some on her nipples. Still thrusting into her, he leaned forward to lick it off hungrily. He was really feeling the tension build in his cock. It spread back through his butt, and down his legs. Jade pulled her legs up now, and lay them over his shoulders. That changed the angle for his cock, and added another fantastic sensation for each of them. The picked up the pace even more, his swollen cock slamming into Jade's wet, needy pussy. "Little more, I'm almost there," Jade gasped. And then her grunts grew louder, more urgent. She began to buck uncontrollably, as the tension spreading from her clit, down her legs, and up her abdomen reached its breaking point. He knew he could let it go now, and felt the come mass at the end of his cock. With a final thrust to the deepest recesses of Jade's pussy, they both exploded simultaneously, Bob shooting load after load of come deep within Jade, Jade's pussy grasping tightly at his cock as waves of pleasure coursed through her body. He collapsed down on Jade, and they held each other tightly, their sweaty bodies pressed together, as they struggled to regain their breaths.
After a few moments, Bob was finally able to pull up and out of Jade. "That was incredible," he said. "You're the best," Jade replied. "Tell you what," Bob said. "You go back to bed. I'll clean this up and meet you in a minute." "Actually," Jade replied, "I'm kinda hungry all of a sudden. You didn't eat my sandwich, did you?" Smiling, Bob just shook his head "No."

rm_Catharsis32 44M

6/30/2005 4:29 am

Great story. The best ones are always based on actual experience. How much is based on reality?

rm_GW4U 53M

6/30/2005 1:13 pm

Mmmmmmm Jade, lucky guy!!!!!

bobber8 59M

1/24/2006 11:07 am

Hot one Jade!

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