The Poison Dream; Exerpt from Chapter 1  

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The Poison Dream; Exerpt from Chapter 1

“Oh my Goddess,” I grasped Jodie’s arm. “It’s James.”
“We want somebody to come on up here and help us out with this one,” James announced.
It was like I was seeing a ghost. All I could do was sit there and watch the bronzed cowboy on stage.
“How about--you, the red-head,” he said pointing to and not recognizing Jodie’s glorious locks.
Jodie jumped up and turned to me with excited eyes, “I’m sorry.” They sang the title cut of the CD. Jodie leaned over to kiss his cheek before going back to her seat. Watch where I sit, see if you recognize my friend.” She winked and flounced off.
When he saw me he froze--whispered, “Jennifer.” A little louder--he held out his hand as if to help me out f my seat, “Will the young lady please join me in a song?”
Jodie stood and pulled me toward the stage. As if in a trance I made my way up on the stage. “What would you like to sing?” His voice came out husky.
“Too Much, Too Little Too Late.” I glared at him.
The song ended. Amazement! I was in tune! I started for my seat. A bronzed, muscled arm entrapped mine. “Stay--Do another number with us.”
Transfixed on his arm, I thought, ‘he’s more muscular than I remembered’. I nodded.

The final notes faded--dense green smoke rose. James--urging me up the catwalk just ahead of the smoke filling the stage. Chocolate eyes open wide in astonished anger, “Where are you taking me?”
No reply, just a confident grin--which angered me even more. He led me along the dark narrow catwalk, down steep stairs until we reached what I guessed to be the dressing room. “What in the hell do you think you’re doin’ James David?” The band burst out laughing before I could utter another word.

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