The Storm, The end  

jacecan2 40M
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3/9/2006 5:07 am
The Storm, The end

By now I was fully erect, and Amy had my full attention. "Why don't we take this to the other room?" I asked, Amy pulled her head back a little and had this very seductive smile. I went to get up, but she knew since she was on top she still had the leverage on me. "I don't think so," was all she said, and with that I suddenly felt her cool hands flesh to flesh with my throbbing member. It caused another gasp and I fell back on to the couch, eyes closed relishing this feeling. I was not ready for the sudden warmth and moisture as she took me fully into her mouth and cupped my balls with very light squeezes. I came hard quickly and she swallowed the whole thing, before I had even a chance to fully enjoy what she was doing. My face became red quickly, not since I was a virgin did I ever cum so fast, and I was very embarrassed about it. "Don't worry, you'll be ready to return the favor shortly" she said as she quickly went back to work on my staff. I wasn't going to let that happen though, she may be on top, but she is of small frame. I quickly just pulled her up my body and reversed the roles, my tongue finding her lips in short order, I quickly began to probe her womanness with my tongue, taking in her scent and flavor. It was like a drug, between the scent, her taste was sweet, and the way she moaned and rocked her hips, grinding against my tongue, fucking my face. She pulled my face harshly into her as she came, then started to beg me to fuck her, which I had been waiting to do. My manhood was fully erect, sore almost aching to do just as she asked, as she demanded is more appropriate. That night we fucked in many positions, I came at least 5 times, her, I wish I knew. Unfortunately we have't seen each since, ever now and then I get a IM from her, but that is all that we have now, other than that night.

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