Remembering days past  

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1/10/2006 12:01 pm

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Remembering days past

Ever just have one of those days? I'm sure we all have. My mind goes to racing back in the past, when I thought that I knew it all and that it would only get better with time. How was I to know that relationships would end, that jobs get to be tediously boring and getting older meant having less time to do fun things? I was just sitting here remembering old flings and girlfriends, remembering the times had. Of course that includes the sex had. Remembering the thrill of the hunt, then utilizing a passive system that would guarentee never being shot down. I have only had to make the first move once in my life, and I've very rarely been without. Granted I've probably missed out on oppertunities that had been there, but my self esteem has never been overflowing. Remembering back to when I had to have sex in the car since I was still living at home and in highschool, all the interesting times, being I'm over 6' and don't fit all that well in the back seat, and the times that every time a car drove into the park getting nervous about being caught in the act. Thoughts that bring a smile to the face, as I'm sure all have. Remembering the times of becoming more adventerous and having my ex ride me on a picnic table after hours at one of the state parks, relationship wise, we did not work to well, but when it came to the sex, that we worked way to well with. It was funny, we would be unable to be in a social setting without either fighting or fucking. Neither of which went over to well with the people we hung out with, lol.

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1/10/2006 1:21 pm

Ain't that just the way it or the other... hard to find a fit where everything mesh's. I think it happens for some people...I hope it will for me one of these days....and for you too.

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