Who Knows  

j4play78 37M
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5/28/2006 8:52 pm
Who Knows

Hey every one reading this!Well I had a very strange encounter of sorts in a chat room on AdultFriendFinder with a lady who claims she knows me and wants to marry me it is funny cause I am not a great looking guy I do think I'm not a bad looking one.but hey who knows right?Any how she is a year younger than me and looks shall we say way out of my league,but I met her any way and she was really cool and I was flattered but she only wanted to get married to me to piss off her ex who hates my guts.it was pretty funny I did turn her down.It is nice to know she still wants to talk and go out and we have but the fact she would do something like that I think kills any chance of us ever being serious,but then again she is really hot so who knows?

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