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Hey to any one reading this my names jason I am 27 going to be 28 in december I live in manhattan.with my family I work here and there cause I travel to florida alot since I have been going there for a trial of some people who murdered a member of my family.My lifes been hectic cause of that and I have been taking care of my family.I live with my family by choice and when the trial is over then I can find a new apartment and just relax.beyond that depressing news I am a really fun goofy guy.I dont drink or smoke but love to hang with my friends at bars and just laugh I am a very giving guy when it comes to sex I like to try and please a girl as much as possible.yikes this is alot im writing so I'll leave it at that till next time hope anyone visiting enjoys knowing bout me.

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Welcome to Blogville...enjoy and have fun, lots of cool people here.
BTW I finished my poem about Women of Ethnical Background. It's on my blog if you feel up to checking it out. Take care.


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