My wife watching fantasy  

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9/17/2005 9:16 am

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My wife watching fantasy

For years I've had this fantasy of watching my wife have sex with other men. She knows of the fantasy becuase I often mention it during sex and of course she goes wild.

I wonder, how common is this fantasy?

Have you blog readers ever had this fantasy and if so, have you acted on it, did it work out, was it really hot or was it a flop, did you continue or did it stop after 1 attempt. Did you pick up a stranger, did you know the person really well. Did you participate or just watch? Did you have to trick your wife into it, did she know, was it planned or just spontaneous. Were drugs or alcohol involved in order to carry it out? Did you wife go out of control and want to fuck more than you planned. Who is in control, who descides when, where and with whom?

As you can see, I wonder a lot... lol...

How about from the women.... nearly the same questions. Are you exclusive to 1 extra lover. Do you have feelings for this fuck buddy? Are you able to set aside "feelings of love" for some really good sex?

Hope people can help me answer some of these questions before we finally make the big plunge, but it's something I think of every day.

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