Demons Demons Everywhere  

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9/8/2006 7:05 am

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Demons Demons Everywhere

For real thrills and chills one does not need to go bungee jumping, swim with sharks or play Russian roulette. All one needs to do for a great rush is going for a drive. You are probably saying to yourself “Driving is not dangerous.” Well let’s see. Millions of cars, trucks and whatever are on the road everyday. Cars on average weigh a ton and a half to two tons, that is between 3,000 pounds and 4,000 pounds. Some sports cars are less than 3,000 pounds. We travel in these contraptions at high speed every day. Traveling in a 2-½ ton vehicle at 55mph has so much inertia that a steel frame can actually crumble if stopped instantly. Sometimes I fear for my life driving to work. Set aside the basics as I have described above but lets add into it a demon controlling this instrument of death.
One thing I cannot wrap my head around is how many idiots are out there on the road. Once the demon steps out of his/her vehicle they instantaneously become human again. Some assholes on the road are actually quite pleasant. One time I was driving through Kentucky and this dick was constantly passing me then slowing down then speeding up again. Not intentionally but still irritating. The highway was closed up ahead for construction hence we were able to turn the car off and get out for a while. A conversation started about the wait and the dick as it turns out was a cool dude.
What is it about an automobile that turns humans into impatient unobservant demons? I can’t count how many times I have seen cars cut off semis on the highway. Hello McFly! Lets see he weighs 20-30 tons and I weigh how much? You wouldn’t pick on the biggest guys in the bar would you? So don’t do it on the road. Truckers have limited visibility and are not very agile. Consider them a big dumb animal. Let them do what they want and no one gets hurt. Whenever I notice a trucker wanting to change lanes I let him, he wont slow me down that much that I must ride the tail of the car in front of me. No trucker this is my lane I was here first! How juvenile and careless we become. I have been guilty of being the demon at times but now I am older and realize how stupid I have been while driving. Lets put down the cell phone, stop-putting makeup on, and pull over to read directions and be nice. Drive in a manner that could become a universal maxim. Whatever appointment I may have is not worth possibly killing someone with my 3,000 pound steel conveyance.

relaxitsjustse2 47M/43F

9/8/2006 11:24 am

Wow, you about summed that up! I think people get lost in the bubble that is thier lives and do not take the time to realize whats going on around them! I too have been guilty of what you say is DEMONIC DRIVING! When listening to some rockin' music, I seem to forget that I am driving a 3,000 pound killing machine! Thanks for the suttle reminder!


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