Why is shedding an old skin so painful.  

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8/18/2006 9:57 pm

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Why is shedding an old skin so painful.

I made reference to my new house as a new skin yesterday or my last post. This effort tonight, now morning here in Decatur GA is more for me, but kind bloggers you are welcome to come along.

When I moved to Atlanta now over twenty years ago, I was married to, at that time, an adventurous woman. We lived in Roswell in a nice apartment complex off GA 400. We were both young healthcare professional attempting to move up the food chain in our respective departments in a large inter-city cradle to grave hospital. Although the marriage was still fairly strong, there was trouble on the horizon. So we did the logical and economically sound thing, we bought a house

We looked in areas inside the perimeter (I-285) and to this day, I'm still somewhat peeved about my decision making about our choice. I wanted a larger yard for gardening. We bought just a mile outside of the perimeter off Memorial Drive in a "well established" neighborhood.

We had a beautiful boy and all seemed like the perfect All-American family, but people despite best intentions drift apart. Although it was amicable, divorce ensued. I kept the house and my son's mother did not want any association to the house. I stayed in that house for another 16 years. It was for consistency for my son when he was with me and because he had friends in the neighborhood. Nothing is constant in life and that area of Atlanta turned. It became very transient and the area changed. I stayed, still hoping for the re-birth of the area and more reasons that time and space will prohibit a clear psychological profile.

The house was built in 1957 and was starting to show her age despite paint, a new roof, and some minor up-grades. I was at the point of a complete renovation or moving to a different house with the things I really wanted. In an iffy area, having a great newly renovated house was not the best option. Financially it did not make sense.

Leaving a part of your past is painful. Be it loved ones such as family, friends, old loves, or your old skin; the feeling of loss is huge. This may not seem logical, but emotions especially grief are never logical. Predictable yes, but not logical. Emotional changes take time to resolve and they can not be forced. As with life there is a flow in healing, trying to swim upstream against the current only prolongs the trip. If you are still reading thanks.>>>a cathartic iaf1957

florallei 99F

8/20/2006 3:43 pm

Hello iaf1957,

Change is difficult for many...I may be the few who are an exception...I love change...I love adventure...I love being a sort of pioneer...stability is a feeling of sort inside me not a home...an area and so forth.

My friends nickname me gypsy...for good reasons...now finally I am purchasing a new condo and call it home and set down roots...although I am hoping to have a second home in Hawaii in the future...a girl can dream,LOL...
BTW I am the only one like this in my family...they have all been in the same city, same house, same job for as long as I can remember.
Hope your sunday is a good one,

itsallfun1957 replies on 8/20/2006 4:19 pm:
Thanks for your thoughts. Very few enjoy change. The thing is I never thought this would be an issue. This just re-enforces that the only control I have is over my behaviors and actions, emotions are another story.>>>iaf1957

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