Two souls in communion.  

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1/1/2006 9:50 pm

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Two souls in communion.

Maybe I have just turned a blind eye towards the subject, but there has been at least one daily post on affairs, adultery, or infidelity especially the last few days. Call it seasonal angst, I do not really know or even pretend to. However, I do know that I am in a very special relationship with a married woman who I care for in such a deep level and connection. We talk constantly about life, our relationship, the moment, feelings, thoughts, and anxieties.

I also understand the risks to both of us. Statistically, these types of relationships are prone to out-right failure just from the sheer complexity of emotions and the variability of commitment. If this was based on pure out-right primal sex, I would agree that it is doomed from the start. Ours is based on friendship that over time blossomed into two like minded souls in full communion with each other. I have no idea of where this will lead to and I know where I would like it to lead, but I have no control of the course. Where ever it may lead, we will always have the moment, the experience, and the love shared. I am and can live with this.>>>itsallfun1957

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