The Atlanta Best Burger Debate continues, in my my stomach.  

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7/19/2005 4:37 pm

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The Atlanta Best Burger Debate continues, in my my stomach.

So what if I'm not a paid food critic or a gourmet chef with a five star dinning destination? Who knows food better that the one eating it? I realize that like beauty, food is in the eye, smell, taste, and perception of the beholder. Still, since I'm a foodie and a decent kitchen/home chef, I believe I can make an impartial decision.

The two great burgers are within ~ seven miles from each other. One in "Little Five Points" at the "Vortex" and the other in downtown "Decatur" on the Square, "The Brickstore Pub". Which is better in the aspects of flavor, taste, and most importantly juiciness? Today, it was a dead even tie. The debate will continue.

Both the "Vortex's Buffalo-Blue Cheese Burger" and "The Brick's Brick Burger with Blue Cheese, Bacon, and Grilled Onions" cooked to medium rare consistency were equal in comparison. The juicy indeeight napkins), the flavor indesmack yor momma), and the taste indelip-smacking and a healthy belch) were all voted as equal in a point index rating scale. However, if I continue on this quest, I'll be worthy of a part in a "Python" sketch as "Mr Creosote". Oh the things I'll do in the name of science. "Ah Gastronome a bucket for messieurs".>>>a wafer-thin itsallfun1957

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