Thanks, I'll just blog here.  

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8/6/2005 6:28 pm

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Thanks, I'll just blog here.

Sorry, this is not a gratitude blog thanking everyone including their mother, the Pope, Ronald Rayguns, Julia Child, and so many more for leading me to this path of sexual awareness and enlightenment. No this is simply a rant to vent. I made on of my rare treks through this site and looked at my new matches a couple of weeks ago. A name or handle caught my eye (not a picture, see "Mind Candy" post) and sent a nice note with open ended questions and a face picture. Yes, I do read the many offerings on "how to e-mail a lady" posts. The next day or so, I receive a nice reply and a face picture and some artwork. I also receive a "Hot List" thing from her, so I'm thinking this is nice.

I reply with answers to her questions and my personal e-mail and get a prompt reply. She sheds a bit more light on herself and asks me to be more forth-coming. Which I was happy to do. I included some more pictures and and the simple request for her to please to give me a bit more insight of who she is.

A week went by without a response. I sent a quick e-mail asking if my e-mail got through and nothing. Last night I sent an e-mail asking what happened: either life got in the way or too much information. This AM I have an e-mail waiting for me when I get up with the excuses of too many e-mails to answer, she was actually looking for a couple to hook up with, and she.....

That's fine, it's life, and I am definitely not crushed. After this post I've moved on, but why do I feel that I was lead on? Maybe my expectations are set too high for some form of common courtesy, sorry we'er not a good mix, I've moved to the convent, I like martians,.... Maybe it's payback for past indiscretions, who knows? It is life as I know it, learn and move on.>>>itsallfun1957

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