Just in the nick of time.  

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6/2/2005 10:15 pm

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Just in the nick of time.

My inner clock that controls the brain working / brain off button is definitely on the fritz. I don't believe this is a house call that any reputable repair person is willing to make. Being off in life's pursuits is a daily thing and I'm O.K. fine with that. My concern is not the lack of control, my only control in life is my behavior and sometimes that happens.

I'm finding that there is an ebb and flow to writing. For technical-scientific writing, you simply pick a time and date, sit down and spew data. The discussion sections do require reproducible thought, but given the time frame one can snatch one out of the back recesses of the old noggin. The blog is an entirely different creature.

Just browsing through the nightly offering of blogs is more than entertaining, it can be rather intimidating. The quality of the majority the blogs is so consistent and a standard I hope to achieve. The frequency of some offerings is also an amazing bench mark that I'm not quite sure I'll achieve unless that is my only act of each and everyday. I would rather focus on quality not quantity.

Jerry Garcia once tried to explain the experience the Dead provided night after night on their (mostly) continuous tour till 1995. He looked at the magical moments that just flowed as peaks in a musician's life. When the magic was not flowing then the musician's task was to get as close to it as possible and that was fun as well. If anyone ever experienced their shows and saw the true magic, it will always be with them for the rest of their lives. If the show kept trying to get to that magical place, then the boys did their best and it was greatly appreciated.

If I can just do my best then I can be happy that I did. If the magic does appear then...>>>itsallfun1957

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