If I stare at this screen long enough, when will inspiration swing on by?  

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6/16/2005 10:16 pm

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If I stare at this screen long enough, when will inspiration swing on by?

If this block continues, I'll have to resort to a fond memory of a sexual escapade. Wait...no that's not it, damn. O.K., I give up. When the words and thoughts screech to a halt, what do you do to get back to form?

I have two experiences that rank as my top all time sensual adventures. The one that I revisit and I still get turned on is a very fond memory that opened a door to a brand new world. A word of caution, if male on male sex is not your thing, then you might want to skip a paragraph or so. Hopefully you will enjoy my first experience.

This happened during my college summers. I had a steady job each summer at an exclusive school as part of the grounds crew. I lived in a funky old Victorian house that doubled as a dorm during the school year. One of the faculty houses was next to mine and a friendly guy home from college and I started to hang out together during off hours. He was my height with a swimmer's build with the most deep brown eyes that were so inviting. We worked out, ran, swam, and just hung out. We both had girl friends, but they were in doing their own things during that first summer.

One night after a long run on a fairly hot day we got back to his parent's house and we went inside for some cool water. His family was gone for the week so, we had the house to ourselves. After cooling off he developed a cramp in his calf and tried to work it out with a variety of stretches to no avail. I told him to massage it our, but he said I would do a better job. So why not, it seemed harmless. He was sitting on the living room couch and I sat by his feet facing him. I started to kneed his calf which was knotted up and tight. After a short period he started to loosen up. We both came up with the thought that some cannabis and some vodka would help us relax and loosen up. So while I rolled he limped over to the liquor cabinet. While he hobbled back ,I got a couple of "rocks" glasses and grabbed something to hold some ice.

So we got buzzed and he asked me to finish the massage on his calf. With me at his feet I started to rub his calf again, but by our medicinal efforts was much looser. He was still smooth from shaving for swimming competitively which was a contrast to my legs. As I was massaging, he shifted in the couch, as I looked up there was a noticeable movement in his groin area that was at my eye level. I looked up and his eyes were sparkling with lust and he was opening his legs further apart. My hands moved slowly higher up his smooth tan muscular thighs while he leaned forward with his hands and started slowly stroking my hair with light feathery touches. I pulled his down towards me and we kissed with open mouths and exploring teasing tongues.

We were both so hard and started to grind against each other, with both of us gripping each others butts. We tore each other's clothes off and continued to grind and kiss. We both spoke at the same time, "I want you in my mouth" and switched to a 69 position. To this point in my life, this was something that I fantasized about, that day there was no turning back. we gobbled each other in a frenzy of sucking and thrusting in perfect unison. That point of pre-cum when the consistency of my saliva changes from thin to thick and slightly viscous was such a turn on. We thrust hungrily till we both reached the points of no return.(This was in the early mid 70's when there was no threat or notion of viral illness.) We both came together amidst moans and heavy breathing. The rest of that night and the rest of the summer was filled with intimacy, lust, sharing, and love. That was the first summer of our awakening and loss of inhibitions.

O.K., that's just a teaser and a fond memory. If you are reading this and enjoyed my trip down memory lane and can relate, enjoy the memories. Make some new ones that are of substance and not conquests. thanks for your time.>>>itsallfun1957

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