Fun's New Year's thoughts, #1  

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12/31/2005 10:34 am

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Fun's New Year's thoughts, #1

For many years I have always associated New Year's Eve with the Grateful Dead. Why? I'm a head, but there is much more. I never went to one of their New Year's celebration shows, but the one that I'm focusing this post on is on DVD; "Grateful Dead: ticket to New Year's"

This celebration was in 1987 and was broad-cast in pay per view format and there was a whole lot of shaking them bones in the Fun household. Besides some incredible music, my son was just two months old and that was a celebration in itself. He was born premature, not a micro-preemie, but a 35-36 weeker with bad respiratory distress syndrome (RDS) that made his first six days of life rather dicey. We almost lost him once during the initial course of his NICU stay. Thankfully because of some very gifted individuals saved his little life, to this day they all still walk on water in my opinion.

So our first New Year's eve with my son bundled and held close to me we dance to Jerry and the boys celebrating another year. I was celebrating a new beginning.>>> a grateful itsalllfun1957

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